Truck/ Trailer-Mounted SVPs

Truck/ Trailer-Mounted SVPs

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The Truck/ Trailer Mounted Small Volume Prover (SVP) offers the quickest and most precise method for load rack meter proving. Targeted at marketing terminals, aviation refueling farms, refineries and pipelines, it is utilized globally by companies for calibration of all types of flow meters.

​The small, lightweight footprint of the SVP offers flexible configurations for either truck or trailer mounting. It enables load rack operators to continue the fuel loading operations, while simultaneously proving the accuracy of their flow meters. This helps reduce load rack unavailability and adhere to regulatory norms. By utilizing Prove-it software, instant test data is produced, which minimizes proving time. Truck/ Trailer Mounted SVPs can be utilized in multiple locations for proving a wide range of meter sizes with a 1200:1 turndown ability.

A battery-powered version of the SVP and Prove-it software is also available for portable proving of flow meters where AC power is either unavailable or difficult to access.

​Based on Six Sigma techniques, the Truck/ Trailer Mounted SVP is designed to conform to American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines, meeting, or even exceeding the uncertainty requirements of 0.02 percent. The SVPs are equipped with a smooth bore measurement cylinder, a displacement piston that contains an integral bypass valve to minimize disturbance to flow streams, and high precision optical switches.

The provers are truly portable, allowing users the flexibility to calibrate a varying number of meters in different locations and applications, including marketing terminal load racks, aviation refueling, pipelines and refineries. All SVP models can be mounted on any vehicle, trailer, barge or system, making the offering highly flexible.

​With Truck/ Trailer Mounted SVPs, users benefit from greater accuracy and reduced proving cycle. This allows them to minimize, and even eliminate, load rack unavailability, as opposed to other technologies that require the loading lanes to be closed at the time of meter proving. The prover also reduces the time taken for calibration in applications such as pipeline or refinery meter proving.

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44200004 Small Volume Prover Manual Controller44200004 Small Volume Prover Installation, operation and service Manual , controller only - Update march 20163.25 MBProduct Manual29 Mar 2016

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