Mini-Pak 6
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Mini-Pak 6 is the industry’s most advanced additive injection system for load racks with multiple injection points. 
​The MiniPak 6 (MP6) additive injection system features a proven microprocessor based Programmable Control Module (PCM) coupled with MonoBlock II additive injectors. The smart additive injection system is ideal for load racks with multiple injection points. Its compact size takes up less room on the load rack and reduces costs by controlling up to six MonoBlocks with one smart PCM controller.

Programmable Control Module

The Programmable Control Module (PCM) is the only smart controller for multiple injection point applications, providing full injector control over additive rates, totals, alarms and communications;, allowing for standalone operation, connection to existing rack presets, and RS-485 connection to existing terminal automation.

Injector Assembly

The panel mounted MonoBlock II injector assembly features a solid block design manufactured in stainless steel, housing a mini oval gear meter, solenoid valve, integral check valve, needle valves and inlet strainer all machined directly into the control block.


Based on typical loading flow rates of 600 gal/min, the standard flow injector is suitable for all applications between 100 & 3000 PPM (parts per million), with a typical injection size between 15cc & 200cc. 

Honeywell Enraf has engineered a range of standard and customized solutions for a vast majority of the additive injection applications mentioned below:

  • Performance enhancing additives

  • Dyes & markers

  • Lubricity enhancers

  • Anti-icing additives

  • Anti-corrosion additives

  • Jet-fuel stabilizing additives

  • Detergent additives

  • NoX reduction additives

  • Anti-static additives

  • Lead replacement

  • Anti-foaming agents

  • Cold flow enhancers (Bio-Diesel)

  • Denaturing (Ethanol)

These solutions maximize accuracy, reliability, functionality and minimizes technicalities and implementation costs.

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EN0902US.pdfMini-Pak 6877.91 KBTech Spec7 Sep 2011
EN0903ENG.pdfMini-Pak 61.14 MBTech Spec7 Sep 2011
EN0903US.pdfMini-Pak 61.01 MBTech Spec7 Sep 2011
Instruction manual Mini-PakTM 6This manual describes the functions of the Mini-PakTM6 controller.2.43 MBProduct Manual26 Jan 2009
Instruction manual Micro-Blender V2This manual describes the operationd and wiring of the Micro-Blender V2.1.85 MBProduct Manual1 Nov 2008
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