Fusion4 Microblender

Fusion4 Microblender

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​Fusion4 MicroBlender is designed for biofuel blending applications at the load rack where accuracy, audit trail, customer and regulatory compliance requirements are mission critical. It is the most technologically advanced single stream blending system available in the market, helping customers “Zero in on Accuracy”.

The Fusion4 MicroBlender system is designed to facilitate a precision blending capability for the downstream petroleum and petrochemical refining, storage and distribution sectors. The solution is fully compliant with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and features a unique blending algorithm that helps companies achieve the highest blending accuracy to reduce off-spec blends and the associated costs. This highly configurable Fusion4 solution not only increases accuracy, but is also faster and easier to configure and maintain.

Common applications include:

  • Ethanol blending
  • Bio Diesel blending
  • Denaturing of Ethanol
  • Butane blending
  • Mid-grade fuel blending
  • Chemical blending
  • Fertilizer blending

It is the successor to Honeywell Enraf’s most widely used V2 MicroBlender.

​The Fusion4 MicroBlender system combines the Fusion4 SSC (Single Stream Controller) with application specific, designed blend streams. Each stream provides all of the key elements required to accurately meter and control the blend stream flow, whilst the Single Stream Controller implements precision control of the blend ratios, monitoring alarm parameters and reconciling totals.

Advanced features include 3.5” QVGA full color screen, transaction and calibration audit trail, intuitive Diagnostics Dashboard, new Fusion4 LAD (Local Access Device) which facilitates two way data communications between the Fusion4 SSC and the LAD, allowing the rapid, secure transfer of transaction data, configuration files and calibration records. It also supports the ‘live’ upgrading of firmware while in the field. The Single Stream Controller can store 10,000 transaction logs, 128 alarm logs and 100 calibration logs.

​The fuels marketing industry has become more and more focused on the accuracy, quality and traceability of petrochemical product combinations. The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) compliant Fusion4 MicoBlender provides:

  • On-Spec Product preventing quality and high dollar value biofuel give away
  • Weights & Measures (W&M) compliant comprehensive transaction and calibration records needed by the customer and regulatory bodies during audits
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Fusion4 Making UX Count - Best Practice in User Experience Development: a Case StudyMaking UX Count - Best Practice in User Experience Development: a Case Study865.27 KBWhitepaper6 Jul 2015
Installation and Operation manual Fusion4 SSC-BThis manual describes the installation and configuration of the Fusion4 Single Stream Controller-Blender (SSC-B), Revision 06.11.1 MBProduct Manual11 Mar 2015
Fusion4 Loading Automation SolutionsScalable and versatile, Fusion4 brings intelligent features and powerful functionality to loading, blending and additive injection operations. It allows terminal operators to continuously control and monitor system performance.1.89 MBBrochure17 Mar 2014
Fusion4 MicroBlender (ATEX & IECEx) Data Sheet EN-11-01-RUS (Russian)Fusion4 MicroBlender (single stream system) technical overview document. Includes technical specifications, model selection guide, images and drawings (Russian Version)430.67 KBTech Spec14 Aug 2012
Fusion4 MicroBlender (ATEX & IECEx) Data Sheet, EN-11-01-ENG-REV01 Fusion4 MicroBlender (single stream system) technical overview document. Technical specifications, model selection guide, images and drawings. (English Version).1.21 MBTech Spec14 Aug 2012

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