Fusion4 Portal
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Fusion4 Portal is the essential enhancement to the Fusion4 family of additive, blending and loading controllers, allowing users to fully realize their built-in capabilities. With Windows PC software, it is quick and easy to install, and offers users a choice of powerful modules controlled from a single dashboard.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fusion4 Portal software brings together wide-ranging remote monitoring and supervisory capabilities for all Fusion4 devices on a single, integrated dashboard. With its modular structure, users can select the modules they need to print transactions and bills of lading, monitor real time audit trails for simpler reconciliation, and adjust parameter settings to get operations up and running quicker.

Putting operators and supervisors in control through Ethernet or Serial communications, the Portal delivers faster, more reliable operations.

Fusion4 Portal enables users to improve efficiency and quality, and eliminate risk – all straight out of the box. Users can:
  • Connect up to 250 streams across 50 devices and manage them on a single PC. Auto-discovery and diagnostics means a quick start-up and long lasting reliability
  • Configure and service devices from the control room. The Configure module lets users quickly upload and download device settings for rapid deployment. 
  • Monitor with Live Viewer to see every device transaction as it happens and control alarm and communications in real time
  • Print MID-compliant transaction data, W&M approved bills of lading, scheduled prints and summary reports, with localized language support.
Fusion4 Portal provides information where users need it:
  • Remotely see any device screen from the control room with LIVE Viewer
  • Customize it with localization options, user configurable fields and a choice of more than 10 languages 
  • Remote parameter configuration for all field devices, including automated back up
  • Fast decision making with real-time transaction and alarm monitoring. 
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Fusion4 Making UX Count - Best Practice in User Experience Development: a Case StudyMaking UX Count - Best Practice in User Experience Development: a Case Study865.27 KBWhitepaper6 Jul 2015
Fusion4 PortalFusion4 Portal tools enrich the Fusion4 experience, building on the capabilities of the world’s most advanced family of hazardous area additive, blending and loading controllers. 1.19 MBBrochure1 Dec 2014
​Fusion4 Portal
​Fusion4 Portal
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