Overfill Detection and Prevention

Overfill Detection and Prevention

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Safety standard IEC 61508 and ANSI/ISA S84.01 in the U.S., stipulate that safe operations should be achieved through a series of protection layers. Use our solutions to apply IEC 61508 and IEC 615111 to hydrocarbon storage sites. Also complying to API recommended practice 2350 is becoming increasingly critical to prevent overfills in tank farms.

Taking a holistic approach to industrial safety means comprehensive, integrated and scalable solutions for your terminal. Our integrated safety solutions unifies all the plant protection layers to achieve the highest Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and solutions compliant with all major international standards.

Honeywell safety solutions in terminals and tank farms can be broadly categorized as:

  1. Overfill Prevention Systems - SIL 2 & 3 certified Honeywell SmartRadar FlexLine Gauge, SIL 2 & 3 certified Honeywell Servo ATG/XTG Gauge, SIL compliant Honeywell Alarm Scout Level Switches and SIL 2&3 ready Honeywell SmartLine GWR Level Transmitters
  2. SIL Certified Safety Control System - Honeywell HC900 Process and Safety Systems, Honeywell SIL3 PLC Safety Manager
  3. Floating Roof Monitoring Systems

Tank Farm Safety Alarm Management: programmable alarms to watch product movements more closely, movement alarm to monitor unexpected product movements, and leak alarms.

SmartRadar FlexLine: a precision radar gauge for custody transfer and inventory control tank gauging.

Servo ATG/XTG: precision servo tank gauges with extreme level measurement accuracy, and capability of density and water level sensing.

SmartLine Guided Wave Radar: dedicated to smaller additive and holding tanks. With reliable performance and flexible communication options, it is a good choice for overfill protection, inventory control, and process control.

AlarmScout 910, 961 and 962 series are used to detect high or low level switch points in a broad range of viscous to light products. Switch points can be used for safety functions such as alarm or emergency shutdown. The AlarmScout A15 series is used to detect high or low level switch points in a broad range of products or internal/ external floating roof applications.

All the instruments above can be used in SIL 2 loops. The instrument offering is complemented by controller and software offering.

The offered instruments use a range of physical phenomena to provide reliable and accurate level detection and measurement. This ranges from radar signal (SmartRadar FlexLine), microvave pulses (Guided Wave Radar), ultrasound (AlarmScout 910, 961 and 962) to mechanical sensing (AlarmScout A15).

Honeywell dedicated offering helps terminal owners operate their terminals safely, and comply with regulatory and environmental standards. These products not only enable a secure and safe environment for employees, but also help reduce plant downtime and improve efficiency.

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SIL3 certified Servo Gauge 854 XTG Product SheetHoneywell Enraf’s 854 XTG servo gauge is a high performance alternative to other tank level measurement technologies such as radar tank level gauges. Widely used for overfill prevention systems. 205.41 KBBrochure22 Aug 2016
SIL3 certified Servo Gauge 854 ATG Product SheetSIL3 certfied Multi-functional gauge: besides overfill prevention sensing and liquid level in Petroelum storage tanks and Caverns, it integrates, density and (free) water interface level measurement with industry best accuracy. 218.1 KBBrochure22 Aug 2016
SmartLine Level Transmitter BrochuremartLine Level Transmitter uses guided wave radar technology, setting a whole new level of performance and smarter user experience.832.49 KBBrochure10 Mar 2016
AlarmScout 961-962 Overfill Prevention switch is used in storage tank farms . 1.4 MBBrochure9 Jun 2015
AlarmScout 910 SwitchAlarmScout 910 switch is used for overfill prevention in Tank storage applications1.51 MBBrochure9 Jun 2015
Terminal Inventory Solutions (A4) BR-08-12-ENGTerminal inventory solutions to accurately monitor and control inventory, manage custody transfer and streamline regulatory and financial reporting.1.03 MBBrochure2 Dec 2014
Turn Tank Farm Management into a Competitive AdvantageThis whitepaper describes how an integrated approach to tank farm management can meet the challenges in off-sites tank farms and result in significant benefits.547.55 KBWhitepaper19 Jun 2014
Buncefield WhitePaperApplying Buncefield Recommendations and IEC61508 and IEC 61511 Standards to Fuel Storage Sites 1.27 MBWhitepaper7 Sep 2011
Product sheet OptiLevel Level SensorOptiLevel is the leading edge system for liquid level measurement in smaller storage tanks. The OptiLevel tank gauging system is the best choice for your above and underground storage facilities.1.07 MBTech Spec12 Oct 2009
EN-09-34-ENGPower supply, IS barrier and interface converter for Optilevel HLS 3010HF level sensors.870.11 KBTech Spec12 Oct 2009
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Case Study:Integrated Terminal Management Solution for Triton Global Petroleum Aviation Fuel TerminalIntegrated Terminal Management Solution Meets Critical Inventory Control and Safety Requirements 712.73 KB14 Jun 2018

Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College, as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time. 

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