Tank Storage

Tank Storage

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Honeywell’s integrated Enraf® Tank Storage solutions bring in 60 years of experience in precision gauging. Innovative products and solutions support managing oil inventory and terminal operations, with safe and precise custody transfer for all types of distribution and bulk storage terminals.

Communication Interfaces
Honeywell's Enraf 888 series Communication Interface Unit (CIU) is the new generation interface between tank gauging equipment and control room systems. It provides operators with reliable, accurate, real-time tank inventory data 24X7.​
  • Configuration Tools for Tank Storage
    Configuration tools for tank storage include Engauge software tool and the Portable Enraf Terminal (PET) and help configure, commission and adjust Honeywell's Enraf gauging equipment.
  • Displays and Indicators
    Honeywell's Enraf displays and operator panels enable operators to asses, analyze and simplify the process, reducing costs with optimal solutions that increase efficiency and tank farm safety.
  • Servo Tank Gauging
    Honeywell Enraf tank gauges are suitable for custody transfer as well as inventory control and are designed to be used in SIL-2/SIL-3 loops to prevent spillage.
  • Tank Inventory Systems
    Tank Inventory Systems from Honeywell Enraf focus on inventory control, custody transfer, oil movement and tank operations within a refinery or storage terminal.
    Tank Temperature Measurement
    Temperature gauging systems offer reliability, high tank temperature measurement accuracy, minimal maintenance cost and easy installation for all types of liquid bulk terminals and storage facilities.
    Wireless Field Interface
    Honeywell's Enraf Wireless Field Interface (WFI) lets wired servo, radar, HIMS and HTG tank gauges connect to an ISA100 Wireless network. It enables terminals to go wireless cost effectively, safely and in compliance with regulations.

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