Displays and Indicators

Displays and Indicators

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It is essential to simplify and optimize operations of a tank farm to improve performance. Where it is crucial to monitor and supervise different process parameters such as temperature and tank pressure. Honeywell Enraf's Displays & Indicators provide a clear view in different formats to help keep a close watch on tank status.

​Honeywell Enraf Displays and Indicators include various displays and operator panels for static tank quantity assessment, enabling access to tank data at all times from virtually any place and in various formats. These displays include:

  • 877 Field Display & Interface Unit (FDI) provides tank inventory information in the field and ensures reliable and uninterrupted data supply

  • Panel Indicator’s (CPI) user-friendly operation and multi-configuration mode brings ease and flexibility to the operator

  • SmartView is easy-to-configure to provide precise tank inventory measurement and is ideal for use in hazardous environments

  • Tank Side Indicators (TSI) are digital display units that provide a convenient, safe and time saving way to read gauging data at ground level.

  • ​FDI uses Enraf’s proven fieldbus for direct connection to any tank gauge enabling to interrogate the gauge and display reliable process data

  • CPI comes with a bright backlit LCD display and eight functional keys on the front panel making its configuration and control very easy. The three configuration modes of the unit - stand alone, listening and fall back mode - make it ideal for usage in a number of applications

  • Smartview’s easy-view display, five backlit keys and simple and intuitive navigation facilitate process data and configuration of the FlexLine, and the IP66/IP67 rated cases make it suitable for tough environments

  • TSI eliminates unnecessary tank climbing, saving time and promoting safety

​Complex and inefficient processes lead to unnecessary cost. Honeywell Enraf’s displays and operator panels enable operators to assess, analyze and simplify the process, reducing costs with optimal solutions that increase operators’ efficiency and tank farm safety.

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Instruction manual 878 Control Panel IndicatorIntended for engineers involded in installation, commissioning and service of Honeywell Enraf 878 Control Panel Indicator756.96 KBProduct Manual10 Oct 2013
Instruction manual 877 Field Display and InterfaceIntended for engineers involded in commissioning and service of Honeywell Enraf 877 Field Display and Interface6.86 MBProduct Manual30 Sep 2013
SmartView (KOSHA)SmartView; new approval number567.77 KBApproval Certificate16 Sep 2013
Approval Report 877 FDI (FM)Field Indicator; document corrections2.45 MBApproval Certificate5 Jun 2012
Approval Report 977 TSI, 854 ATG, 854 XTG and 877 FDI (FM)Tank Side Indicator, document corrections155.2 KBApproval Certificate25 Apr 2012

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner.  Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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