HERMetic Onecal for Storage Tanks
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​Accurate temperature measurement is very important in the petroleum industry. Great care is, therefore, required in the selection of temperature measuring instrument. Designed for use in hazardous environments, Honeywell’s HERMetic Onecal is a highly accurate, intrinsically safe portable digital field thermometer for temperature verification inside storage tanks.

​Honeywell Tanksystem’s Onecal is specifically designed to meet the highest accuracy standards (ISO 4268, API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 7) in the oil industry for temperature verification. The cable, sensor and electronic display unit components can be changed without special tools or soldering. Recalibration is achieved by a simple ice point check that is easy to carry out without sending the unit to a laboratory, and without the need for a reference thermometer. Only the annual calibration verification that is required by the national standards has to be performed against certified traceable reference thermometers. This translates into significant savings in transportation and repair costs, and a high degree of operational readiness.

​The goal of the measurement is to determine as accurately as possible the platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) resistor value and to calculate the corresponding temperature. To achieve such a high standard in accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility, the resistance of the cable and instrument electronics is continuously measured and compensated for any external variation. The measurement routine is controlled by the micro-controller. A high precision resistor is used as the reference to calibrate the measuring chain. The ergonomic and rugged design of the housing allows for easy and safe cable storage. The cable guides keeps the cable secured at all times. By counting the number of cable loops, the fed cable length can be determined.

  • 1 cable loop = 2 feet 
  • 3 cable loops = 2 meters

Due to the relatively high thermal expansion coefficients of crude oil and petroleum products, a 1°C / 2°F error in temperature measurement can equate to an error of approximately 0.1 percent in the standard volume calculation. Honeywell’s Onecal not only provides highly accurate temperature measurement but also ensures increased repeatability and accuracy of measurements, safety, ease of operation, reliability and cost-effective maintenance.

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HERMetic Onecal - Digital Thermometer with One Reference PointThe HERMetic Onecal is designed for use in hazardous environments with outstanding characteristics regarding safety, ease of operation, accuracy, reliability and cost-efficient maintenance.795.77 KBBrochure19 Oct 2012
HERMetic OnecalThe HERMetic Onecal is a portable electronic digital thermometer for field temperature measurement in above ground storage tanks.795.77 KBProduct Information Note30 May 2012
Product Catalogue for Land Based Applications Complete product portfolio of Honeywell Tanksystem portable level gauging and sampling solutions for land based applications2.14 MBProduct Information Note30 May 2012

​Maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell Tanksystem provides all its equipment with a comprehensive and detailed operation and service manual which allows the user to perform repairs or parts exchange without sending back the unit to factory. Please contact tanksystem@honeywell.com if you miss the operation manual of your particular model.

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