FlexLine Radar

FlexLine Radar

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​For effective monitoring of storage tanks, a tank gauging system with high degrees of flexibility, reliability, expandability and quality is crucial. Honeywell Enraf’s FlexLine Radar addresses these requirements in a cost-effective way to deliver smooth operation.

FlexLine Radar is the latest and most technically advanced tank gauging system from Honeywell Enraf. It is available in three versions:

  • FlexLine Radar Xtreme Performance

  • FlexLine Radar High Performance

  • FlexLine Radar Advanced Performance

The cutting edge radar technology and state-of-the-art signal equipment makes the tank gauging system ideal for stock management and administration, custody transfer, quality control, processing and operation. The advanced gauging system is capable of maintaining high level of precision and accuracy even in most challenging circumstances, offering outstanding flexibility and customization to satisfy each client’s requirement.

​The SmartRadar FlexLine offers the levels of precision demanded for custody transfer accuracy. In the most challenging circumstances such as dome roofs and bad stilling wells, the FlexLine tank gauging system maintains its ultra-high performance level on a wide range of applications and various tank conditions. The Enhanced Performance Signal processing enables an accurate level reading even in difficult applications (close to the tank shell) and prevents the need for a costly stilling well. 

The FlexLine tank gauging system has been validated for use in SIL-2 and SIL- 3 applications by the TÜV which allows it to be used in overfill protection applications. Additional diagnostics have been added to the FlexLine tank gauging system to detect hardware failures, while a 1oo2D voting algorithm will detect, report and isolate failures on the boards without interrupting the loading or unloading of a tank.

​The SmartRadar FlexLine tank gauging system uses the OneWireless™ Network to seamlessly integrate with any supervisory system such as Entis or Experion, making it simple to manage and efficient to operate. OneWireless Network helps optimize plant productivity and reliability, improve safety and security, and enable regulatory compliance. Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced installation costs by 50% or more

  • Improved measurement accuracy

  • Reduced operational costs.

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Safeguards for Storage Suresh K Ravindran, HPS India, explores a design and implementation philosophy for tank storage overfill prevention.1.36 MBArticle Reprint20 Apr 2016
OIML Certificate SmartRadar FlexLine HP XPOIML Certificate for SmartRadar FlexLine revised with F06 ANTENNA1.02 MBApproval Certificate12 Feb 2015
Safety manual SmartRadar FlexLineThe Safety Manual provides information about the SmartRadar FlexLine that is relevant for integration of this radar-based level gauge into a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). This manual is aimed at technical personnel responsible for such integration.586.1 KBProduct Manual13 May 2014
Honeywell Network and Field Instrumentation Wireless BrochureA complete look at our wireless portfolio of network equipment and field instrumentation portfolio.6.04 MBBrochure3 Feb 2014
CSA Certificate of Compliance SmartRadar FlexLineSmartRadar FlexLine and SmartView, 1WL 2 slots to 1 slot113.17 KBApproval Certificate22 Nov 2013
Certificate of Compliance SmartRadar FlexLine and SmartView (FM)SmartRadar FlexLine and SmartView; 1WL 2 slots to 1 slot; adding tagplate170.2 KBApproval Certificate10 Sep 2013
Honeywell OneWireless XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitter XYR 6000 transmitters include instruments for measuring (sensing, processing and wirelessly transmitting) temperature, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, valve position, analog signals, digital inputs, and digital outputs.370.86 KBProduct Information Note6 Apr 2012
Brochure on 10 truths of Wireless Brochure to learn the 10 Truths about Wireless. 5.07 MBBrochure13 Mar 2012
Installation guide SmartRadar Verification pinsIntended for engineers involded in the installation of Honeywell Enraf Verification pins for 990 SmartRadar FlexLine148.49 KBProduct Manual19 Sep 2011
SIL 2 - Germany SmartRadar FlexLine; Approval number 968/EL 717.00/10 126.66 KBApproval Certificate15 Oct 2010

​Honeywell provides training courses on deploying, operating and managing the ISA100.11a-ready OneWireless network. Course participants will learn how to transition smoothly to wireless technology and how this industrial network addresses new measurement requirements.

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