XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitters

XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitters

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Honeywell’s XYR 6000 OneWireless™ Temperature Transmitters offer exceptional accuracy in temperature measurements. The temperature transmitters support a variety of input options to address different user needs and can be used with measurement devices that have hazard location approval to make a wireless measurement while retaining the Intrinsic Safety rating.

​The XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitter family includes:

  • XYR 6000 Temperature/Discrete Input Transmitters: Support up to three temperature and/or discrete inputs and can be used to convert any thermocouple, milli-volt, RTD or dry contact input such as limit level switches into a wireless input
  • XYR 6000 Universal I/O Transmitters: Enable users to bring in high level analog inputs, thermocouple, milli-volt and discrete contact closure inputs wirelessly into their control systems

The temperature transmitters can simultaneously support an integral probe and external inputs, including a combination of thermocouple, RTD and discrete inputs. When the integral probe is a thermocouple, two external thermocouples or one external RTD can be wired to the temperature transmitters. An external thermocouple or an external RTD can be wired to these wireless transmitters when the integral probe is an RTD. 

​XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitters measure the analog signal from temperature sensors, discrete inputs, milli-volt values or ohm values and transmit a digital output signal proportional to the measured value for direct digital communications with systems. The discrete input channels support voltage-free floating contacts.

The output signal is transmitted to a gateway or to multiple communication nodes. These nodes wirelessly intercommunicate, forming a managed, secure and redundant network. A gateway, device manager or security manager is used to connect the XYR 6000 field devices to the backbone structure to bring the data into the control system.

The XYR 6000 Temperature Transmitters are furnished with an ISA100.11a-compliant wireless interface to operate in a compatible distributed ISA100.11a wireless system.

​Honeywell’s Temperature/Discrete Input Transmitters enable users to convert existing measurement devices into wireless solutions without needing to replace the equipment. These wireless transmitters enhance the flexibility of monitoring applications, thereby improving process efficiency and saving costs.

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XYR6000 Wireless Transmitters, Temperature Transmitter Series 400 (STTW400), 34-XY-16-46-Issue 24XYR6000 Wireless Transmitters, Temperature Transmitter Series 400 (STTW400), 34-XY-16-46-Issue 24198.11 KBModel Selection Guide1 Jan 2015
Honeywell Network and Field Instrumentation Wireless BrochureA complete look at our wireless portfolio of network equipment and field instrumentation portfolio.6.04 MBBrochure3 Feb 2014
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XYR6000 Wireless Temperature/Discrete Input Transmitter - Series 400, 34-XY-16-46 XYR6000 Wireless Temperature / Discrete Input Transmitter - Series 400, Model Selection Guide, 34-XY-16-46197.12 KBModel Selection Guide15 Mar 2013
Honeywell OneWireless XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitter XYR 6000 transmitters include instruments for measuring (sensing, processing and wirelessly transmitting) temperature, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, valve position, analog signals, digital inputs, and digital outputs.370.86 KBProduct Information Note6 Apr 2012
XYR 6000 Wireless Temperature Transmitter Specifications, 34-XY-03-29XYR 6000 Wireless Temperature Transmitter473.21 KBTech Spec18 Jan 2011
ST 3000 pressure and STT 3000 temperature transmitter brochureOverview brochure of ST3000 and STT3000 pressure and temperature transmitter product lines860 KBBrochure24 Jun 2008
Public Support Documentation
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OneWireless XYR 6000 Transmitters Quick Start Guide 34-XY-25-21This document describes mounting, installation and wiring of the XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters and antennae. Configuration, authentication and operation are covered in other documents.3.61 MBSupport Manual6 Feb 2013
Non-instantiable version of the DDs for the Temperature/DI XYR 6000 STTW401 TransmitterNon-instantiable version of the DDs for the Temperature/DI XYR 6000 STTW401 transmitter for use with non-Honeywell gateways that don't support channel instantiation. Channels are fixed at CH01= Temp, CH02= DI, CH03= DI.34.77 KBSoftware Download27 Aug 2012
XYR 6000 Temperature DI R202 v259 firmwareXYR 6000 Temperature DI R202 v 259 firmware and DD files for STTW40X and STXW500 Wireless Transmitters.116.64 KBSoftware Download15 Jun 2012
XYR 6000 MAC Address Authentication FileCAB file for use with the XYR 6000 Authentication tool to read and validate the MAC/IEEE address of the transmitter.44.92 KBSupport Document6 Jun 2012
OneWireless R200 Temp/DI Modbus Parameters List of Modbus parameters for the STTW 401 Temperature/DI XYR 6000 transmitter24.62 KBSupport Document4 Apr 2012
X Series Application Note 22, 43-TV-07-22 X Series Remote Wireless Data Acquisition 1.18 MBSupport Application Note14 Feb 2012
XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters_34-XY-33-03XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters Conduit entry plugs and cable glands Installation and Disassembly62.38 KBSupport Document28 Oct 2011
XYR 6000 R120 to R200 (ISA100.11a) Migration FirmwareThis is a Zipped file that contains the firmware required to migrate XYR 6000 transmitters from the R120 version of the transmitter to R200 - ISA100.11a Compliant firmware. Reference Manual OW-CC0010 for detailed instructions on this process.1.06 MBSoftware Download6 Jun 2011
XYR 6000 Temperature DI ISA100.11a (R200) v244 firmwareThis is a zipped file that contains XYR 6000 Temperature/DI firmware and DD Files for the STTW400/STTW401/STTXW500 Wireless Transmitters Version 244 for the ISA100.11a compliant (R200) release.116.19 KBSoftware Download6 Jun 2011
34-XY-25-44 XYR 6000 ISA100.11a Compliant Temperature and Discrete Transmitter Users' Manual810.18 KBSupport Document18 Jan 2011
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Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Selects OneWireless to Reduce Costs and Improve MeasurementFormosa Chemicals and Fiber Corporation (FCFC) implemented Honeywell’s OneWireless Starter Kit and XYR 6000 wireless temperature transmitters for improved process and temperature measurement and reduction in time and money spent.63.19 KB12 Jul 2013
Tata Power Case StudyOneWireless used to reduce the cost of performance tests on a power generation equipment.127.22 KB28 Oct 2011
Arkema User Test of the ISA100.11a Standard Within days of approval of the ISA100.11a standard by the ISA Standards and Practices Board, the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute executed a multi-vendor User Test of the technology at an Arkema plant in Crosby, Texas to demonstrate interoperability among multiple vendor devices.318.54 KB11 Sep 2009

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