PHD R310 Upgrade

PHD R310 Upgrade

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​Users can now upgrade to Honeywell’s latest release of Uniformance® Process History Database (PHD) – PHD R310 – that has been designed to solve challenges associated with managing diverse plant information systems. The new release provides seamless data interfaces, data collection and automatic history recovery. It ensures the integrity of vast amounts of data in long-term history to provide valid users quick access to continuous plant process data.

Get the most out of plant information systems

PHD R310 introduces many new features and capabilities that PHD users and administrators can quickly put into use to get the most out of their plant information systems. Its secure and unequaled robustness is designed to meet regulatory requirements and the need for data continuity. Its distributed scalable architecture provides robust data collection and consolidation with a single configuration for the entire network.

Users can now benefit from a more holistic view of their facility operations as the Consolidated Event Journal now gathers event history from Experion® and OPC-connected alarm and event systems. For users who have not already migrated to the Uniformance Process Studio (UPS) desktop, a powerful workspace environment offers a variety of new analysis tools, including an easy drag-and-drop trend capability, graphics and an updated Companion for Microsoft Excel. UPS also provides advanced analysis capabilities, including histograms, statistical process control (SPC), parallel coordinates and 3D trends.

In addition, improved Uniformance System Monitoring features can be configured to help users and IT managers better manage and optimize the performance of their PHD R310 system.

Honeywell experts install PHD R310 as well as migrate users' system data to the new software to provide a seamless transition. The new release of Uniformance PHD not only supports the latest platforms but also offers new functionality designed to reduce future administration efforts and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These features include:

  • A new, easier to maintain Microsoft SQL Server database platform

  • Improved user configuration tools (PHD Configuration Tool and Uniformance System Console)

  • Enhanced data security options

  • Faster performance and increased capacity using 64-bit server platforms.

PHD R310 offers several benefits to users, including:

  • Highest level of Honeywell software support

  • IT compliance for full Windows compatibility with the latest desktop platform to avoid problems of software obsolescence

  • A platform eligible for Microsoft Security Updates to maintain cyber security

  • Improved user experience through faster performance and enhanced functionality

  • Reduced overall cost as a result of automated system monitoring, synchronization and easier administration through the use of specialized configuration and monitoring tools.

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