Benefits Guardianship Program

Benefits Guardianship Program

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To remain competitive, a plant must remain current, especially when dealing with applications that link directly to production, process safety, business decision-making and overall plant profitability. With Benefits Guardianship, plant managers have access to highly trained support specialists who apply their product knowledge and expertise to their specific situation, delivering timely and effective support solutions. 

​Honeywell Benefits Guardianship protects users' investments in advanced software applications by providing a cost-effective path to the latest technology while delivering ongoing support for existing applications. This extended investment protection benefit is available for the following families of Honeywell’s advanced software applications:

  • Asset Management and Operator Performance Solutions (Asset Effectiveness/OPS)

  • Advanced Process Control & Optimization (Profit Suite)

  • Operator Training & Simulation (UniSim™ Operations Suite)

  • Engineering Design and Process Modeling (UniSim™ Design Suite)

  • Plant History and Information Management (Uniformance)

  • Enterprise-wide Data Visualization and Analysis (Workcenter)

  • Production Management/Operations Management (Business FLEX PM/OM)

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (Business FLEX APS)

  • Blending and Movement Automation (Business FLEX BMA/OM&S)

  • Batch Management (TotalPlant Batch).

Benefits Guardianship services can be for one or more advanced software applications or as an extension to Honeywell’s traditional Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP) coverage. The support is priced based on a percentage of software list prices and is renewed on an annual basis. Whenever possible, Benefits Guardianship and traditional SESP are combined into a single customer support contract, allowing for easier contract management and quicker response to user situations.

Service requests are routed through Honeywell’s standard support channels, including Honeywell Online Support and Global Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) for consistent and dependable support for system and applications.

Services provided include:

  • Telephone assistance

  • Online support

  • Critical software patches

  • Software upgrades/updates

  • Documentation updates 

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Summary service reports

  • Training match extended to advanced application courses.

​Benefits Guardianship ensures that technology is refreshed by providing software maintenance updates and upgrades as they become available. This enables the benefits that plant managers are currently experiencing to continue well into the future.

Specifically, Benefits Guardianship delivers:

  • Customer value that keeps applications current and available

  • Lower cost than on-demand services

  • Predictable support costs

  • Flexible application coverage

  • Accelerated problem resolution

  • Better planning and decision-making.

56 Documents FoundItems per page :
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UniSim Competency Suite R470 Release BulletinUniSim Competency Suite R470 Release Bulletin1.2 MBApplication Note5 Feb 2020
PIN - Uniformance PHDUniformance PHD PIN English250.81 KBProduct Information Note14 May 2019
UniSim Competency Suite R461 Release BulletinUniSim Competency Suite R461 Release Bulletin586.83 KBProduct Information Note1 Apr 2019
UniSim TutorKnowledge capture and propagation tool used for training process plant operators.534.71 KBProduct Information Note12 Jun 2018
UniSim ProSim BridgeHoneywell Experion PKS and TPS Simulation for External Operator Training Simulators335.69 KBSolution Note15 May 2018
30 Documents FoundItems per page :
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Honeywell and UOP join to provide a better Operator Training Solution at PertaminaThe solution implemented at Pertamina leverages Honeywell’s simulation expertise developed for more than 30 years and UOP’s proprietary know-how for an OTS solution that is uniquely faithful to the actual process.152.17 KB29 Apr 2015
Honeywell’s Alarm Management Software Helps Cut Through the Noise at Galp EnergiaGalp Energia selected Honeywell’s Alarm Management software to integrate multiple Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and add a degree of independence as an important tool to analyze incidents.139.34 KB22 Sep 2014
Meridian Energy Centralizes Control Room OperationsMeridian Energy selected Honeywell to deliver an integrated Plant Asset Management (PAM) system that would provide early warning of deterioration of critical equipment, perform basic analysis and provide predictive capability.194.88 KB22 Sep 2014
Honeywell Alarm Management Software Establishes Multiple Gains for Air ProductsHoneywell’s alarm management software helped Air Products meet its requirements, including reduction in off-spec product, an increase in capacity by reducing cycle time and a better way to present and prioritize alarms.75.05 KB22 Sep 2014
Kinder Morgan implemented consistent alarm responses with Honeywell's Alarm Management Kinder Morgan uses Honeywell’s alarm management software to apply the same best practices from industry standards across all its pipelines.83.61 KB16 Apr 2014
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