Customized Services

Customized Services

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Whether a business requires regularly scheduled maintenance, on-demand engineering support or long-term product support, Honeywell can offer a customized solution that fits the business needs of different users with its flexible maintenance and support plans, hardware and software upgrades and access to onsite or remote Honeywell technical experts.

Honeywell’s range of Customized Services include:

  • Optimized Performance Services – These are extended support services that can be purchased on-demand for specific activities such as software installations, application upgrades, customized training programs and on-site or remote engineering services

  • On-Demand and Planned Support - On-Demand Support provides services upon user request, typically in reactive response to a problem at site whereas Planned On-Demand Support offers a low risk, proactive support framework by allowing for a defined number of service hours to be purchased on a time and expense basis

  • Site Resident/Customer Dedicated Engineer – Through these programs, a plant site is supplied with one or more dedicated on-site and/or off-site engineers to perform advanced solutions services under the direction of the site personnel.

Optimized Performance Services are offered as pre-packaged services to conveniently provide technology, labor services and application expertise. These services are generally standalone services with a predefined scope.

On-Demand Services are designed to facilitate a rapid support response to address an immediate customer need and are chargeable on a time and expense basis. However, these services can also be used to perform a user-defined maintenance scope under a time and materials services framework. Planned Demand Support, on the other hand, is a contracted block of engineering labor hours that can be requested and applied at the user's discretion.

Site Resident/ Customer Dedicated Engineer Services can be scaled to support a variety of user needs ranging from simple maintenance activities to new advanced solutions implementation activities.

Honeywell’s modular service framework helps align a plant’s service strategy with its business strategy. It offers a customized solution that fits the needs of the business, helping to: 

  • Maintain and execute day-to-day tasks

  • Optimize the performance, capacity and availability of applications

  • Change system infrastructure and/or applications to adapt to technology changes, process changes, and shifts in business conditions.

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