Corrosion Laboratory Services

Corrosion Laboratory Services

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Honeywell’s corrosion laboratory services for corrosion and materials testing and research utilize a state-of-the-art laboratory to safely test a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials in extreme conditions, including high total and partial pressures of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas. Testing on time helps in corrosion protection and minimizes losses.

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​Honeywell offers a range of corrosion laboratory services for evaluation of all forms of material degradation at its purpose-built laboratory for corrosion and materials testing. These include general and localized corrosion, sulfide stress cracking, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement and cracking to corrosion fatigue and metal dusting. In addition, Honeywell offers an extensive array of tools to characterize critical corrosion problems in multiple industry segments, including the effects of flow conditions, which helps customers in corrosion protection at their plants. Its experts combine the experience of several decades to help users define the limits of service for their equipment and materials, or act as a de-facto in-house research facility.

​Honeywell offers a wide range of custom and standard corrosion and materials testing and research services, including NACE, ASTM, API, NORSOK, ISO, and EFC. The corrosion and materials research and engineering laboratory has specialized equipment, such as autoclaves and flow loops, for simulation of corrosive environments, including mixed phase investigations with pressurized gases such as H2S, CO2, and CH4 combined with field-specific mixed brines and liquid hydrocarbons. The “standard” equipment can evaluate full-sized specimens at 260 C (500 F) at pressures up to 34 MPa (5,000 psi). In addition, the testing equipment can handle high pressure (up to 138MPa (20,000 psi)), high temperature and extremely aggressive environments. To ensure accurate simulation of service conditions, sophisticated thermodynamic software models are used to provide a precise reproduction of the user environment.

​Honeywell’s corrosion and materials testing and research provide accurate information on materials performance and compatibility to help users select the right materials. Given the complexity and harsh nature of many environments, such information is critical to avoid unexpected failures, prevent adverse environmental impacts due to product release, and corrosion protection which goes a long way in minimizing financial loss.

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Corrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water SystemsCorrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water Systems372.63 KBApplication Note2 May 2018
Predict® Corrosion Suite BrochurePrevent corrosion by intelligently predicting when it occurs326.11 KBBrochure13 Apr 2018
Honeywell Corrosion Solutions SNHoneywell Corrosion Solutions - Solution Note164.42 KBProduct Information Note25 Feb 2016
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