Joint Industry Programs

Joint Industry Programs

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​Honeywell’s Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) encompass specialized corrosion engineering and research services and are dedicated to the investigation of common industrial corrosion problems. Each program targets a specific industrial corrosion need to provide cost-effective, value-oriented solutions, particularly where barriers to increased performance, reliability or throughput are issues. ​​​​

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​Joint Industry Programs are created to benefit the entire industry through third-party research into common industrial corrosion problems. Some of the past and ongoing JIPs include:

  • Prediction and Assessment of Corrosion in Amine Systems
  • Titanium Alloys for High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Wells
  • Prediction and Assessment of corrosion in Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Units
  • Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) Limits for Sour Service and Deep Water Offshore Applications
  • Prediction and Assessment of Ammonium Bi-sulfide Corrosion Under Refinery Sour Water Service Conditions
  • Assessment of Corrosion in Lean Amine Service
  • Serviceability of Coiled Tubing - Guidelines for Coiled Tubing in Corrosive Workover and Production Environments
  • Predicting Crude Oil Corrosivity - Effects of Velocity, Interactions of Crude Oil Composition, Temperature and Alloying.

​Sponsoring members of a Joint Industry Program share the cost and results of the research study. A corrosion engineering program is typically initiated upon identification of an industry-wide corrosion problem by a user that can benefit from a joint industry solution and shared costs.

At Honeywell’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory and research center, experienced materials engineers and corrosion engineering specialists conduct specialized evaluation and data interpretation, and process, flow and corrosion analysis to provide cost-effective solutions. Sponsoring members can extend the research and have the option to run additional tests conducted on their behalf under similar conditions on a proprietary basis. In addition, they can participate in any of the existing programs. 

​Honeywell’s Joint Industry Programs provide an unbiased research platform so that all the sponsoring companies benefit from the research data that can bring in benefits worth millions of dollars when applied. Specialized corrosion engineering and research services make sure that all common industrial corrosion problems are accurately identified and solved.

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Corrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water SystemsCorrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water Systems372.63 KBApplication Note2 May 2018
Predict® Corrosion Suite BrochurePrevent corrosion by intelligently predicting when it occurs326.11 KBBrochure13 Apr 2018
Honeywell Corrosion Solutions SNHoneywell Corrosion Solutions - Solution Note164.42 KBProduct Information Note25 Feb 2016
Prediction And Assessment Of Ammonium Bisulfide Corrosion Under Refinery Sour Water Service ConditionsPaper presented at NACE Expo 06. Author includes Russell D. Kane of Honeywell.379.88 KBWhitepaper7 May 2007
Prediction Of Ammonium Bisulfide Corrosion And Validation With Refinery Plant ExperiencePaper persented at NACE Expo 2006 by Michael S. Cayard & Walter G. Giesbrecht of Flint Hills Resources.273.83 KBWhitepaper7 May 2007
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