Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering Consulting Services

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Honeywell offers Engineering Consulting services to resolve plant and field corrosion problems and their effects. Users benefit from cost-effective corrosion control procedures tailored to the unique needs of their particular operation or process plant.  ​​

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​Honeywell offers Engineering Consulting services for materials testing, simulation of service environments, failure investigation and analysis, practical recommendations for material use and prevention of failure, litigation and expert witness testimony.

Under these corrosion control services, users’ current corrosion mitigation/monitoring programs are analyzed and compared against industry best practices. Based on the analysis, Honeywell’s experts offer recommendations on materials, both common and exotic, that will perform best under specific corrosive conditions. 

Users can choose to have a detailed corrosion control analysis covering failure mode recognition, corrosion products analysis, materials testing, metallographic examination of the material microstructure and comparison to suit their requirements. 

​In a step-by-step approach, available historical corrosion control data is first analyzed and reviewed along with failures, maintenance records and asset replacement to compare it against industry best practices. The next step includes the correlation of processes and corresponding corrosion occurrence. Following the analysis, materials that perform well in a particular corrosive condition are recommended. For failure analyses, Honeywell engineers conduct extensive evaluation of failed parts and service conditions to determine the root cause of the failure.

Honeywell’s consultants have access to its in-house, experienced staff of materials engineers and corrosion specialists offering expert services in the fields of corrosion, materials selection, mechanical behavior, and failure analysis. In addition, these corrosion control engineering consulting services are supported through a state-of-the-art and fully equipped corrosion testing laboratory and research center. 

​In addition to identifying customized, cost-effective corrosion control procedures, Engineering Consulting services reduce operational risk and enhance performance to improve process reliability and profitability.  Optimization of operational parameters leads to increased throughputs within existing integrity operating windows (IOWs) without compromising asset safety and reliability.

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