Services for Advanced Software

Services for Advanced Software

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Honeywell offers a range of flexible and comprehensive after-market support service programs to help users maintain and optimize their advanced applications. The services help optimize application performance and efficiency in all phases of the automation lifecycle.

Alarm Management Services
Honeywell’s global team of alarm management specialists guides users through the entire alarm management lifecycle to improve their strategy, and ensure a fully auditable compliance and safety management system.
  • Corrosion
    Honeywell's corrosion experts evaluate all forms of material degradation at its purpose-built corrosion and materials testing laboratory, deliver customized corrosion control procedures and participate in Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) to resolve common industrial corrosion problems.
  • Honeywell Trace for Configuration & Change Management
    Honeywell Trace captures and records configuration data to enable users to track changes, identify engineering anomalies, eliminate errors and accelerate project planning.
    Loop Management Services
    Honeywell’s Loop Management services help users improve the way their process control assets are monitored, identified, diagnosed and remedied across all plant layers.
    PHD R310 Upgrade
    Users can now upgrade to Honeywell’s latest release of Uniformance Process History Database (PHD) – PHD R310 – that has been designed to solve challenges associated with managing diverse plant information systems.

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