System Performance Baseline

System Performance Baseline

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Honeywell’s System Performance Baseline service measures and documents the utilization and throughput of control systems. It provides users with a baseline report that characterizes the available capacity of their systems, identifies performance issues and helps plan upgrades and enhancements.

Get the Most of Control System Investments

The System Performance Baseline service, delivered either as a part of Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP) or as a standalone service, provides useful information to help users get the most of their control systems. In addition to an analysis of the utilization and throughput of the systems, it offers recommendations for improvement.

The service can help users gain advantage in several areas, including:

  • Increased Productivity by identifying performance issues, bottlenecks, and capacity requirements to meet user needs and preventing future performance problems

  • Reduced Costs by maximizing the performance of existing control system investments

  • Higher Quality by enabling consistent, expert operations

  • Enhanced Compliance by providing accurate, reliable information for decision making and reporting

  • Reliable Baseline Report indicating how much of the system’s available capacity is being used to help plan control system upgrades and enhancements

The System Performance Baseline service is available for both Total Plant System (TPS) and Experion® PKS.  It uses a four-step methodology, including initial consultation, data collection, analysis and report generation, and presentation of findings.

The System Performance Baseline service includes these deliverables:

  • Detailed report and presentation and discussion of the findings to the site team

  • Support to deliver presentation to senior executives, including a consultative presentation, providing rationale for releasing funds for remedial and improvement activities.

The System Performance Baseline service provides both summary and detailed information on system behavior and health for servers and stations, network devices, controllers and system security. It offers three key benefits:

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks

  • Preventing future performance problems

  • Providing a reliable basis for planning control system upgrades and enhancements. 

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