Operational Readiness Studies

Operational Readiness Studies

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Operational Readiness Studies help achieve smooth startup and reliable production from day one of operations by making sure that people, procedures and systems are in place to drive operational excellence into design requirements.

Operational Readiness Studies comprise a series of collaborative workshops with end-user operations representatives. The objective of the workshops is to systematically define the requirements to achieve safety, efficiency and reliability from day one of operations. Common themes addressed by these studies include:
Production Operations
  • Abnormal Situation Management

  • Training requirements

  • Operating procedure validation and integration

Safety and Security
  • Hazardous area management

  • Access control and physical security

  • Cyber security of plant networks

Maintenance and Reliability
  • System maintenance and technology planning

  • Remote access or support requirements

  • Plant and information asset management

Facilities and Construction
  • Temporary systems infrastructure

  • Modular construction

  • Asset and personnel tracking

Operations to Business Integration
  • Process Historian integration

  • Data availability to business owners

  • Operations management.

Operational Readiness workshops are facilitated by Honeywell consultants and generally run from several days to weeks, depending on the project size and requirements. The workshops take the operations, business and project stakeholders through a set of pre-agreed subject areas to evaluate and drive action plans in the project.

Honeywell consultants then help incorporate the output from the workshops into the project scope definition, functional requirements and the basis of designs. Items may also be further explored from a cost benefit analysis perspective to aid in objective consideration for inclusion or exclusion from the project. The final output is a well documented roadmap for the project to ensure activities are coordinated within the overall project schedule.

​Whether as an integral part of Honeywell’s integrated main automation contractor (I-MAC) strategy or as a standalone activity, Operational Readiness studies provide significant value to the building, startup and operation of a new facility. Through a systemic identification of project requirements early on, these studies aim to maximize uptime in the first year of operation, improving the overall return on capital investment.

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