Human Machine Interface (HMI) Services

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Services

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Plants need to maintain safe, reliable and continuous automation processes, while keeping operating costs down. Honeywell has the unique expertise and capabilities to deliver the full range of Human Machine Interface (HMI) services for efficient process operations.

Honeywell HMI services draws on Honeywell’s 30+year experience in design and engineering of operator centric HMI infrastructure for managing all phases of operation.

The Honeywell HMI services are oriented to continuous Improvement, maximum and best lifecycle cost that include:

  • HMI Planning and Design - These are operator-centric, workshop-based services targeting a definition of requirements for change of the customer HMI environment. This is done by addressing Operations and Plant Management needs to create a best-in-class HMI infrastructure.
  • Control Room Design These are services for design and creation of the optimal control room environment for optimal process operation
  • Graphics Production Services - These are Honeywell project engineering services executed by qualified and certified HMI engineers for delivery of operating displays with high quality, reduced lead time and optimal performance
  • HMI lifecycle support - These are lifecycle support services included in A360 program or standalone services offering for maintenance, displays performance and best lifecycle cost.

HMI services starts with a comprehensive plant assessment of existing / planned HMI environment to design an operator-centric HMI infrastructure and graphics environment applying Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) research for best performance.

HMI Services provides access to certified HMI experts and partners to deliver full range of HMI solutions and provide lifecycle support.


The end user plant production and safety depends on the process operators and how effectively they operate the plant. Any new or modified HMI environment will impact the way they operate the plant.

Main problems with respect to operator effectiveness are:

  • Operator buy-in/acceptance related to changes in HMI
  • Need to minimize unplanned production losses
  • Need to improve operator efficiency while expanding span of control
  • Need for a common and consistent workflow for operators
  • Aging workforce resulting in loss of expertise and need to transition knowledge
  • Operator training related to the (new) control system and changes in HMI
  • Addressing increasingly stringent operator regulations around the work environment
  • Financial justification related to capital investments in HMI

With Honeywell HMI solutions installed, operators can identify problems up to 30% faster than normal. Moreover, Procedural Operations reduces operator error and standardizes workflow. Operator fatigue may be reduced by 20% or more.

The operator centric approach achieved by Interactive Requirements Analysis (IRA) results in structured displays which improve operator performance. Operators become proactive: aware of changes before they become alarms.

Standard solution applying standard product features can reduce the cost of lifecycle support by up to 30%.

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