Certified Recycled Parts - Extend the Life of Your Honeywell DCS and QCS

Certified Recycled Parts - Extend the Life of Your Honeywell DCS and QCS

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Existing operators of Honeywell distributed control and quality control systems can extend the life of their investment by using tested refurbished parts, under the Certified Recycled Parts (CRP) program. Using spare parts for your TDC 2000, TDC 3000 or other Honeywell systems provides you with tested and certified recycled parts covered by the same warranty as new build replacement spares. In addition, it provides you with more control over the time to migrate to newer systems.


Through the Certified Recycled Parts program, Honeywell provides hard-to-find replacement parts required by users to maintain their systems and amplify productivity. Recycled or refurbished Honeywell spare parts are available for legacy Distributed Control Systems (DCS), including those found in the TDC2000, and TDC3000 product lines, as well as more recent systems such as TPS and Experion. Users can also procure spare parts for previous generation Quality Control Systems (QCS), including material such as sensors and MXOpen parts no longer available through new production. 

In addition to Honeywell field replacement spare parts, users can also obtain assemblies such as consoles and complete nodes to meet their maintenance or small expansion needs.


Certified Recycled Parts are acquired from customers and factory surplus and go through a certification process to validate functionality. All parts go through a first-level power up test, a hardware verification test system (HVTS) to validate the function of hardware components on the board, and a system software test to ensure successful interaction with other Honeywell hardware and software. Once these steps are completed, a burn-in for a minimum of 24 hours is undertaken to verify extended operability and to reveal thermal and/or throughput problems. Any material which fails even a single step in the certification process is discarded. The warranty time for CRP spare parts is the same as that for new build spares. That is 1 Year for all TDC, TPS, and Experion spare parts and 90 Days for all QCS and CWS spare parts.


With Certified Recycled Parts, users can extend their system life cycle and avoid forced upgrades due to obsolescence of parts; such as legacy servers and stations. In addition, users can reduce unplanned downtime resulting from failure of hard-to-find parts. Leveraging CRP also allows users to upgrade their systems at their own pace while maintaining their existing system(s).

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