Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

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​Rapid repair of equipment that has broken down is critical to ensure uninterrupted operations, minimal downtime and optimal production. Honeywell offers Corrective Maintenance services to provide emergency maintenance support in the event of an unexpected breakdown for timely resumption of work.

​Honeywell provides Corrective Maintenance services to users for incident and problem management. These services restore continuity after equipment or software failure within the agreed performance levels and help users in the execution of day-to-day tasks.

Corrective Maintenance services are triggered by an event or service request such as a system failure and include all unscheduled maintenance actions performed to restore the system to working order. These services are available through a telephone request and online support. Users can opt for either 24X7 or 8X5 support and even decide the response times for equipment or system failure based on their needs.  

​Following the equipment breakdown, the Honeywell service representative on-duty will attempt to expedite resolution using the telephone in order to minimize the downtime. The first telephone response shall occur typically within the time specified in the contract after receipt of the call.

Depending on the incident or problem, several individuals with different skills may be required to resolve it. The system software Corrective Maintenance services will be supported by means of the Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP). 

​With Corrective Maintenance, users have peace of mind with the assurance that a site support specialist is always available when needed and has the backing of Honeywell’s extensive knowledge and support network. The services optimize system availability and also enable reduction in labor costs, overtime hours and productivity losses.

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