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Kits & Enhancements

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​Kits and Enhancements provide packaged offerings to enhance the installed Honeywell equipment at specialized pricing. Users benefit from a cost-effective, low-risk upgrade path that allows for better long-term support for the system, along with increased performance and added functionality.

Users can access the Kits and Enhancements online catalog to search and find relevant information. A PDF version of the catalog is also available under the Documentation tab.​

​Honeywell offers a range of Kits and Enhancements for users' hardware to help them take advantage of the most advanced technology solutions available such as the Experion® Process Knowledge Solution (PKS) platform. In addition, Honeywell offers a variety of hardware upgrades for controllers, flat panel displays, user stations and more. This leads to multiple benefits, including reduced abnormal situations, better decision-making, and improved plant reliability.

Kits and Enhancements cover the following:

  • Experion Server & Station Upgrades

  • TPS Server & Station Upgrades

  • Experion Controller upgrades

  • High-performance Process Manager (HPM) controller upgrades

  • Monitor and Flat Panel Display Upgrades

  • Processor upgrades

  • MPU Chassis Replacements

  • Quality Control System (QCS) Upgrades

  • Local Control Network (LCN) Upgrades

  • Power Supply Upgrades

  • Miscellaneous Upgrades.

​Honeywell has created its Kits and Enhancements offering exclusively for its existing users so they can enjoy an increased value for the systems purchased. The products are delivered either as a complete new node or managed as an upgrade, providing all the required components, along with instructions to guide the installation and minimize downtime.

The program offers predefined packages designed to meet the most common installed configurations and cover a wide range of products and degrees of change. Critical paths for upgrading application servers and platforms are well defined and have a proven track record. However, since the kit might not fully meet all configuration requirements, users may require additional material.

​Kits and Enhancements is a testimony to Honeywell’s commitment to continual hardware evolution and providing a path forward to next-generation technology while valuing users' existing investments. Honeywell’s services team works closely with users to define their migration requirements and minimize infrastructure costs. The result: improved plant performance and increased operational reliability.

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Kits and Enhancements Catalog Kits and Enhancements Catalog1.46 MBBrochure11 Aug 2021
Experion Station Upgrade Service NoteExperion Station Upgrade kits allow for better long-term support with new computer platforms.489.08 KBBrochure21 May 2013
Experion Server Upgrade Service NoteExperion Server Upgrades extend the life of system assets and enhance performance.494.33 KBBrochure21 May 2013
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Lifecycle Management Enables Success with PRALCA Modernization ProjectThe need to implement advanced control strategies to improve plant efficiency, as well as spare parts considerations with the aging DCS, prompted the plant’s migration to Honeywell’s Experion PKS.230.77 KB9 Nov 2012
Customer Case Study on US to PCUS UpgradeSpecialty Chemicals Producer Replaces Universal Stations with PCUS to Protect Investments and Move to Better Technology-A customer case study.234.33 KB1 Aug 2012

The Honeywell Kits and Enhancements program provides packaged offerings to enhance installed Honeywell equipment. These upgrades to current Honeywell platforms and technology are available at specialized pricing that protects users’ initial investments. This program provides a cost-effective, low risk upgrade path, while allowing for better long-term support of the system along with increased performance and added functionality.


Click on the links below to view videos that demonstrate some of the upgrades available:

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