Assurance 360 Services

Assurance 360 Services

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Assurance 360 services are multi-year cooperative service arrangements to maintain, support and optimize the performance of Honeywell control systems, regardless of the industry or size of operations. These services:

  • deliver on agreed service levels rather than prescribed quantities of materials and labor 

  • provide a strategic view to minimizing the total cost of ownership

  • guarantee performance 

  • utilize the automation system to improve business performance. ​​​​

Assurance 360 is a customer-specific program ranging from 'Performa' solutions to 'Optima' solutions:

  • Assurance 360 Performa addresses today’s skills shortage, helping industrial firms maintain automation assets that are crucial to meeting production goals. With Assurance 360 Performa, Honeywell collaborates with users' internal staff to develop valuable know-how and augment their workforce to tackle resource challenges. The program helps users build competencies and sustain expertise within their organization through best practices in automation support that are tracked by defined outcome metrics. 

  • Assurance 360 Optima delivers agreed service levels in system support, maintenance, optimization and change management with guaranteed results. As a strategic partner, Honeywell is responsible for providing the necessary skilled labor and materials to achieve the defined outcomes with payment adjusted by the results attained. 

​Assurance 360 starts with a comprehensive plant assessment that is used as a blueprint to develop a proactive maintenance path with defined metrics and reporting to demonstrate performance.

Assurance 360 provides access to experts and performance specialists that help make sure crucial tasks such as equipment and software monitoring and maintenance, change management, troubleshooting, upgrade installation and project implementation are done accurately and on time. In addition, it offers flexible programming for industrial users to customize the level of service they need or want, based on their requirements.​

The Assurance 360 service program delivers economic benefits throughout industrial operations:

  • Performance focused outcome-based deliverable commitments ensure continuous improvements that are aligned with users' goals 

  • Maximize ROI by enhancing operator effectiveness through advanced alarm management and improving plant performance via effective loop tuning 

  • Minimize total cost of ownership: up to 20% total cost savings by reducing third-party service or not staffing to the levels users once did 

  • Expert services to carry out complete delivery, to augment users' workforce and competencies or to provide remote-only surveillance and support 

  • Honeywell addresses automation issues so the users can focus on their operations 

  • Technology Road Mapping that optimizes refresh schedules to decrease cost, accommodate operational constraints and ensure ongoing supportability ​

  • Automation Master Planning to identify opportunities to provide business benefit.

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Assurance 360 Optima With Assurance 360 Optima, Honeywell becomes a hands-on partner with full responsibility for ongoing maintenance and system upgrades and a predictable cost structure and guaranteed outcomes.1.99 MBBrochure16 Feb 2015
Assurance 360 Performa Assurance 360 Performa offers outcome-based services that align with customer goals, ensuring best practices are in place across the entire spectrum of the process control system.1.85 MBBrochure16 Feb 2015
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Honeywell Transitions from Vendor to Partner at Refining NZ with Assurance 360“Assurance 360 has helped Refining NZ leadership change the thought processes, with greater focus on outcomes.”472.91 KB6 Dec 2016
Sasol Chooses Honeywell Assurance 360 for Outcome Based Services“People considering Assurance 360 need to determine what the business needs. Every business is different. If you go into this partnership with a commitment to get to a successful outcome, you can attain it with the right partner.” 185.88 KB10 Aug 2016
Qatar Petroleum NGL Plant Completes Successful Experion On-Process Migration The project included Station and Server hardware upgrades, software release migration to Experion R430, and existing CNI migration to the latest FTE technology. The greatest challenge was migrating CNI to FTE since no tool was available to migrate this technology On-Process. 247.41 KB31 May 2015
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