Assurance 360 Services

Assurance 360 Services

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​Assurance 360 Services are a multi-year service partnership to maintain, support and optimize the performance of Honeywell control systems. The services transform how plant assets are managed, offering assured system performance and outcomes while allowing users to focus on operations.

Assurance 360 is an innovative approach to service management that offers flexible programming to deliver sustained performance of Honeywell control systems. Two levels of support are available to meet different user needs:

  • Assurance 360 Optima offers dedicated resources for preventive and corrective maintenance, replacement parts in the event of a failure or system upgrade, cyber security tools and servers, and a written guarantee that the site will not experience either a loss of control or loss of view due to system failures or management procedures.  

  • Assurance 360 Performa provides oversight on all aspects of system management with a focus on meeting or exceeding performance metrics through visualization, planning and targeted support when needed. Honeywell performance experts help and guide site personnel in preventive and corrective maintenance tasks as well as hardware and software upgrades.

​Assurance 360 starts with a comprehensive plant assessment that is used as a blueprint to develop a proactive maintenance path with defined metrics and reporting to demonstrate performance.

Assurance 360 provides access to experts and performance specialists that help make sure crucial tasks such as equipment and software monitoring and maintenance, change management, troubleshooting, upgrade installation and project implementation are done accurately and on time.

​Assurance 360 Services offer a clear contract with defined metrics, active program management and outcomes that provide optimal results for users’ process control investments. Honeywell helps reduce unplanned events, resolve problems faster, and improve performance to help create a more efficient plant.

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Assurance 360 Optima Level Service brochureWith Assurance 360 Optima, Honeywell becomes a hands-on partner with full responsibility for ongoing maintenance and system upgrades and a predictable cost structure and guaranteed outcomes.3.71 MBBrochure14 Jun 2013
Assurance 360 Performa Level Services brochureAssurance 360 Performa offers outcome-based services that align with customer goals, ensuring best practices are in place across the entire spectrum of the process control system.2.75 MBBrochure14 Jun 2013
Assurance 360 Optima Executive BriefOverview of Assurance 360 Optima service program, the benefits derived, and performance guarntees.584.3 KBWhitepaper13 Jun 2013
Assurance 360 Performa Executive BriefOverview of the Assurance 360 Performa service progam, the benefits it derives, and performance metrics.581.65 KBWhitepaper13 Jun 2013
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