Hiway Care Program
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The Hiway Care Program ensures ongoing parts availability and support of existing Data Hiway equipment beyond December 31, 2012. Users participating in the program benefit from expert support services and continued protection of their investments in TDC 2000®, TDC 3000® and TPS.

Flexible support for Data Hiway equipment

The Hiway Care Program is a multi-year, site-based contract that offers asset protection and labor support for Data Hiway equipment users. It offers two levels of coverage:

• Hiway Care Basic – It uses minimal support as a standard, allowing users to add features or even upgrade to Hiway Care Full at any time.

• Hiway Care Full – It provides best protection available for installed assets and is determined at the moment of contract enrolment based on individual site requirements.

Lifecycle support for legacy systems

Hiway Care Program provides access to Honeywell experts with the right skills at the right time. By providing access to qualified replacement parts to suit users’ operational needs, it allows them to successfully execute incremental and planned upgrades of their legacy systems. 

The Hiway Care program covers two key aspects – Parts Support and Support Services.

Parts Support can vary from assured parts availability (at the time of order) to full parts assurance support (including availability, holding, shipment, cost for unlimited parts replacement and 24-hour shipment). All supplied parts are qualified, original parts shipped for failure replacement/ exchange, maintaining all agency certifications.

Support Services comprise several options that provide access to the right skilled personnel and help manage resource constraints at users’ facilities. The services support can vary from annual system inspection to full on-site and remote technical support of the Data Hiway equipment. 

Hiway Care Program users benefit from:

• 10-30% reduction in unplanned system downtime with support services and parts availability guaranteed

• 20% lower operating cost than owning and managing self-owned inventory.

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