Asset Lifecycle Health Check Assessment

Asset Lifecycle Health Check Assessment

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The Asset Lifecycle Heath Check Assessment is a simple, secure and free way to manage obsolescence risks and the lifecycle of your automation assets.​


​It’s an easy-to-use, web-based tool for all your Honeywell equipment and solutions, across all your sites. Users can identify ageing equipment at a glance and quickly see the available upgrade options, as well as potential benefits to the operation. They can even see spare parts availability for their products, and any new patches or functionality added to their existing devices and solutions.

With our free health check, users can rapidly identify ageing equipment that could add to maintenance costs and lead to unplanned downtime. They can also quickly identify the most appropriate and cost effective options for migration.

​It’s free to sign up to the tool. Users just create an account and select their Honeywell equipment types and number of each asset from the drop down menus. Once complete, they’ll see a dashboard showing the lifecycle stage of Honeywell technology across their operations:

  • Current, the latest technology with full support

  • Legacy, with continued support and upgrade options

  • Obsolete and being phased out.

Upgrade options are clearly presented and users can view functional benefits and even potential financial savings to the total cost of ownership. They can click through for parts availability dates and end of life dates, too.

The tool is also available for Honeywell Channel Partners, who can set  can up their own account to track migration opportunities across the customer base.

​Ageing, obsolescence equipment, devices and instruments can undermine reliability and add to maintenance costs. The may even cause unplanned downtime or safety incidents.

Honeywell’s Asset Lifecycle Heath Check Assessment takes the hassle out managing this risk, tracking the lifecycle stage of all your automation assets. Users can quickly see exposures to ageing technology, and review their upgrade options.

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