Gas Metering Services

Gas Metering Services

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Honeywell’s service contracts bring cost certainty to meter maintenance, while boosting reliability and performance for natural gas distribution, transmission and exploration businesses. We have contracts for every need, drawing on a broad portfolio of services, remote support, spares management, predictive maintenance and outsourcing options.


​Our service options provide a single contract for all your Honeywell metering equipment. For a fixed annual fee we cover your ultrasonic and turbine flow meters, flow computers, gas chromatographs, supervisory systems and pressure and temperature measurement devices.

Honeywell offers three levels of service for its customers to choose from:

  • TotalCare Lite, providing remote support for limited service requests each year through our local helplines and Global Technical Assistance Center.

  • TotalCare Enhanced, with unlimited service requests, plus spares management, predictive maintenance, annual validation, and software updates  and upgrades.

  • Assurance 360 – our outcomes based, outsourced maintenance and monitoring, covering the whole metering operation and delivering the services, solutions and parts required to deliver mutually agreed KPIs.


Honeywell’s secure, remote connection is the foundation of our service offerings. Our expert engineers diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve problems for a faster response and to eliminate the need for site visits.

For our TotalCare offerings, remote telephone support is provided on 8x5 basis with additional troubleshooting provided through our Global Technical Assistance Center.  Each service request gets a unique ticket number to ensure problems are dealt with efficiently.

With Assurance 360, we cover the entire metering and measurement operation, including related systems. A secure remote connection and advanced analytics enable us to monitor the operation and provide all necessary work, optimization and parts to achieve the agreed level of service.

​Honeywell’s service contracts help operators ensure accurate metering for compliance and customer confidence, at a fixed price.

We provide cost certainty while addressing skills gaps in the operation. Our expert services help maintain accuracy, protect asset availability and ensure compliance and safety across the operation.  

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