Instrumentation Services

Instrumentation Services

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​Honeywell helps streamline startup and optimize the lifecycle of customers’ automation investments. Honeywell’s global service and support team help maximize the return on technology investment through personalized service and assistance through the life of the installation.

Our service professionals are experts in their field and have the necessary global certifications to safely install and maintain customers’ equipment. We offer the following services at each lifecycle stage:
Before Installation-
  • Site survey
  • Consulting
  • Project planning
  • Function design specification
  • Product selection
During Installation-
  • Hardware/Software supply
  • Supervision of installation
  • Specific application development
  • System configuration and integration
After Installation-
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance testing
  • Training
  • System optimization
  • Remote and onsite service programs, extended warranty, help desk and emergency support
The result is streamlined startup operations and optimized safety, reliability efficiency and sustainability through the life of the equipment.

​Honeywell’s design and installation services start with site surveys. Post that, Honeywell provides product configuration, programming and calibration support to configure equipment quickly and accurately. Finally, our technicians provide the assurance that the installation is done correctly and perform a final inspection.

Our maintenance and support includes services such as software service contracts, standard and extended warranty packages, repairs and spare parts support. If an equipment problem is diagnosed at any time through the warranty period, our TAC engineers will resolve the issue consistent with our product warranty guidelines.

We help maintain customers’ investments with remote monitoring and optimization plans and also help plan for any necessary upgrade or expansion. We can also provide leased or loaned equipment to help through a transition. 

Product training support is also available via telephone, Internet or on site. 

​Honeywell’s service and support expertise helps:

  • Get online faster with a smoother startup
  • Minimize troubleshooting delays during the initial programming
    and implementation
  • Maintain operations despite any turnover in personnel at a predictable cost
  • Optimize performance, capacity and availability
  • Upgrade or migrate to newer technologies.
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STT700 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter Specification, 34-TT-03-19 High performance temperature transmitter offering high accuracy and stability over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures.1.43 MBTech Spec31 Jul 2019
Multitrend GR, Specifications, 43-TV-03-16GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders 1.14 MBTech Spec26 Jun 2019
Minitrend GR, Specifications, 43-TV-03-17GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders 1.3 MBTech Spec26 Jun 2019
eZtrend GR, Specifications, 43-TV-03-18GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders 1.25 MBTech Spec26 Jun 2019
DR Graphic Recorder Specifications, 43-TV-03-19GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders 1.43 MBTech Spec26 Jun 2019
RMA801 SmartLine Remote Indicator specificationRMA801 SmartLine Remote DE or Analog Indicator1.12 MBTech Spec21 Jun 2019
STFW800 SmartLine Wireless Flange Pressure Transmitter Russian Specification, 34-SW-03-04-RUSTWx800 Wireless transmitters are Honeywell OneWireless™ system and are ISA100 - ready.2.65 MBTech Spec29 May 2019
STDW700 SmartLine Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter Russian Specification, 34-SW-03-06-RUSTWx700 Wireless transmitters are Honeywell OneWireless™ system and are ISA100 - ready.2.2 MBTech Spec29 May 2019
STAW700 SmartLine Wireless Absolute Pressure Transmitter Russian Specification, 34-SW-03-07-RUSTWx700 Wireless transmitters are Honeywell OneWireless™ system and are ISA100 - ready.2.08 MBTech Spec29 May 2019
STGW700 SmartLine Wireless Gauge Pressure Transmitter Russian Specification, 34-SW-03-08-RUSTWx700 Wireless transmitters are Honeywell OneWireless™ system and are ISA100 - ready.2.06 MBTech Spec29 May 2019
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