Field Instrumentation Health Check for Terminals

Field Instrumentation Health Check for Terminals

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Honeywell’s new Asset Management Health Check program helps improve safety and compliance at tank farms and terminals through predictive maintenance and drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO) for users.

The program:

  • Provides continuity for tank farm & terminal management field instruments through support offerings for existing systems

  • Effectively extends the life of products for years to come through upgrades of existing field instrumentation and management systems

  • Provides a cost-effective path forward to the latest technology and functionality through step-wise modernization plans that fit users’ timing and budget.

Field Instrumentation Health Check 


The Asset Management Health Check program report includes the following items: 

  • Overview of instrument install base

  • History of performed maintenance per tank and per field instrument mentioned in the install base within the report

  • History of performed maintenance of Entis Pro system (hardware and software). 

  • Recommendations for migrations or updates and maintenance contracts designed to lower users' operational expenditure. 

  • Information about the availability of spare parts for the install base of instruments. 

The fee includes the time required for collecting the site data and creating the annual report. 

Honeywell provides a site survey and product audit, which may include the establishment of a database and/or tracking system. This audit typically includes model and serial numbers, location, user, and other pertinent data, and is be made available to the user. If the site audit reveals that ordinary repairs, as determined by Honeywell, are necessary to render the devices operable and serviceable, users then have the option to:

  • Satisfactorily repair the discrepancy

  • Accept additional charges from Honeywell for repair or replacement. Such charges will be quoted at firm fixed prices.

  • Enter into a maintenance agreement that enables users to move away from reactive maintenance to a more effective, planned and profitable solution that helps avoid surprises and unexpected expenses.

The Asset Management Health Check program protects users from obsolescence, mitigates their security risks, lowers their overall TCO and brings predictability to their OPEX spend.​

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