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If you want to protect your Industrial Control Systems (ICS), you must learn to understand how hackers think and act. Cybersecurity risks change quickly. To keep industrial processes safe, operators need to know how to anticipate, prevent and defend against threats to their control systems.

Honeywell’s Red Team and Blue Team ICS Cybersecurity training provides an unrivalled insight into the hacker’s mind from an operational technology (OT) perspective. Our experts don’t just provide in-depth insights into cybersecurity threats; they give you first-hand experience battling them, letting you go head-to-head with live adversaries. 


Pick a Side


In a cutting-edge computer simulated training environment, you can practice your skills in turn-based contests. Blue Team defenders tackle Red Team attackers in realistic operational settings and real-world scenarios.


Trainees can see common attack sequences played out and how hackers look to exploit vulnerabilities, avoid detection and respond to countermeasures. It’s a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how hackers think and behave.


Defenders can then put their strategies for identifying and responding to attacks into practice.


The experts in operations and cyber security


In a four-day intensive course, Honeywell’s experts take trainees through all the key concepts:


  • How all the cybersecurity pieces work together
  • Practical industrial cybersecurity concepts
  • Emerging trends in cyber attacks
  • Vulnerabilities and attack vectors specific to industrial control systems
  • Methods for responding to, adapting to and defending against active attacks
  • Identifying areas of vulnerability within the organization
  • Reporting and recommending countermeasures



Trainees will learn tools and techniques, such as reverse engineering, log and memory analysis, cyber forensics, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and incident response – all from seasoned professionals and experts in both cybersecurity and operational technology.


They can then put all they’ve learned in the classroom into practice, honing their skills and learning to respond under pressure. It’s a unique experience for cybersecurity and plant managers, as well as IT security staff, engineers, operators, administrators and anyone else responsible for OT security. 

Are you ready to defend your Industrial Control Systems?

To find out more about the training, please contact Honeywell Cybersecurity team.


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