Tools: Application Whitelisting

Tools: Application Whitelisting

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Honeywell’s application whitelisting solution combats viruses and malware by allowing only known software to run on the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS). It is a good safeguard against certain zero day intrusions where users have no prior awareness of vulnerability. In addition, it enables better change management and protection against unauthorized changes to system configuration.

Honeywell’s application whitelisting solution protects users from unwanted intrusions by permitting only applications and executable files that are considered safe and on an ‘approved list’ to run, while blocking everything else. 

Application whitelisting helps users:

  • Enforce a list of approved applications,

  • Include an administration tool that allows for adjustment to the whitelist, and

  • Monitor and report attempts to violate the policy.

The application whitelisting solution is supplemented by a set of services delivered as part of Honeywell’s Industrial IT Solutions. 

Since industrial control systems do not have the luxury of locking down their systems when faced with a potential malware threat, the application whitelisting solution is applied in a monitor-only mode. This allows visibility into executables running on a system while allowing for standard operation and continued availability.

Honeywell’s application whitelisting solution helps quarantine unauthorized software upon discovery, quarantine after blocking, and enhance whitelist management. In addition, it helps produce a file system inventory that can accelerate verification of software on a hardware platform, thereby enabling utilities and facilities to stay ahead of the curve when responding to potential security threats.

With the industrial cyber security threat landscape continuing to evolve, application whitelisting helps Experion PKS users meet their increased security needs without having to earmark a lot of resources and time for managing their control systems. 

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