Secure Media Exchange

Secure Media Exchange

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Removable media and USB ports are critical to maintaining the availability and security of industrial processes, yet they introduce potential security risks. Current security solutions fail to adapt to operational realities, create excessive cost and burden, and do not help plant managers navigate changing digital-industrial plant networks. With years of experience managing security for its industrial customers, Honeywell Process Solutions is introducing a new addition to its Industrial Cyber Security Solutions portfolio – Honeywell Secure Media Exchange (SMX). 

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SMX reduces the cybersecurity risk and operational disruption for industrial organizations by protecting the use of removable media such as USBs and thumb drives. It also manages USB ports across any industrial facility against cyber risk and unauthorized usage.​ It is a gateway and software that verifies the security of removable media and logs its usage in the plant. ​With the SMX solution, plant owner/operators gain unprecedented control and visibility into the secure use of removable media, reducing cyber risk to process control networks globally.​


SMX reduces cybersecurity risk and operational disruption for industrials by monitoring, protecting, and logging use of removable media such as USBs and thumb drives and securely delivering vendor-agnostic threat research updates at site facilities. It works by - 

  • ​​Comparing files on a USB to an evergreen repository of industrial vulnerabilities and threat

  • Signing code, authorizes and monitors its use throughout the plant, all in a matter of minutes when a service engineer signs into to a facility

  • Monitoring the usage of the removable media throughout the site

  • Disabling any removable media from usage that has not gone through the SMX gateway

  • Disabling any USB port on any device without the SMX agent

SMX Is supported by Honeywell threat intelligence cloud and built for the industrial environment. It integrates with Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager and is easy to deploy and use. SMX Is supported by Honeywell threat intelligence solution and built for both the industrial and non-industrial environments. It integrates with Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Manager and is easy to deploy and use.

 Plant Safety & Operations

  • Protects plant safety & operations by reducing malware & security threats introduced by USBs
  • Easily manages both service contractor and employee USB risk, for better plant security & compliance
  • ISA99 compliant, securely connects to the cloud for threat updates.
  • Protects against sophisticated USB cybersecurity threats like BadUSB, Rubber Ducky, and Bash Bunny, while allowing productive and safe use of removable media hardware
  • Prevents unverified devices from working on-site machine

Reduces Cybersecurity Risk

  • Reduces the risk of malicious exploitation of USB ports by monitoring and controlling removable media use
  • Reduces the time horizon for new attacks.

Modernizes Security

  • Modernizes plant security by combining updated threat intelligence with a consumer-friendly USB protection gateway.
  • Designed for every level of removable media user
  • New Portable Version, SMX ST with slim design and portability allows busy operational staff to scan USB devices wherever needed
  • Management and reporting provides unmatched visibility of USB usage and threat detection across all SMX sites

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