Network Security

Network Security

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Network Security is a new cyber security service that improves Process Control Network (PCN) performance and security by replacing older and obsolete network equipment that is extremely vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Users improve the performance of their PCN by eliminating security deficient network equipment that is not repairable and/or that does not support key security configurations.


Network Security is a service designed to improve the site’s cyber security defenses. It is a perfect complement to the well-established and understood Honeywell Hardware Refresh Program that upgrades computer platforms and helps users stay on current hardware technology. It has the following components - 

  • Secure Network Refresh for PCN End Node Hardening

  • Secure Network Refresh for PCN Network Hardening

  • Secure Network Refresh for PCN Routers

  • Secure Network Refresh for PCN Switches

  • Secure Network Refresh for Virtualization Architecture

​​Many old or obsolete PCN switches, routers, and firewalls do not meet today's cyber security standards. As a result, this equipment presents a considerable vulnerability to the security of the network and process operations. Additionally, out of support equipment is often not repairable and raises the potential of longer downtimes in the event of a failure. This older equipment needs to be replaced with new hardware, current software, and updated configurations to support today's security measures. This is where Network Security gets to work. It improves PCN performance and security by replacing older and obsolete network equipment that is extremely vulnerable to cyber security attacks.

Network Security -

• Addresses the security deficiencies of older equipment and architectures

• Adds security measures not previously available with older PCN equipment

• Incrementally improves the security and performance of your PCN and reduces liability

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