Response and Recovery

Response and Recovery

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Regular backups are an often overlooked method of reducing cyber security risks. Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Solutions can help develop a backup and recovery plan, implement automated backup systems, and assist with system recovery in order to improve the recoverability of digital assets.​​​



No matter how much care is taken in protecting a system, it is always possible that unwanted intrusions might compromise the industrial automation and control system (IACS). Response and recovery services predefine how the organization will detect and react to cyber security incidents. 

Honeywell’s Response and Recovery services include: 

  • Backup and Restore

  • Incident Response

These services help define procedures to be followed when an incident occurs, including detection, reaction and recovery activities. 

​Identifying an incident early and responding appropriately can limit the consequences of a cyber security event. Honeywell’s Response and Recovery services help users resume operations after an incident. The services also include implementation of backup solutions and consulting services to help users develop a formal incident response plan.

​With Response and Recovery services, users can document incident details for future reference and improve their ability to quickly recover and respond to future attacks. In addition, these services educate employees on how to report cyber security incidents.

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