Step 3: Management Services for Wireless Networks

Step 3: Management Services for Wireless Networks

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​Honeywell's OneWireless™ service experts can manage users' wireless infrastructure and ensure that their system is running at optimal efficiency at all times. These services help maintain system stability and availability at the highest possible levels.

​Many plants require the assistance of experienced wireless experts to provide site assessment and planning, engineering and design, technical assistance and management services to achieve their wireless goals easily and efficiently. Honeywell’s comprehensive OneWireless Services Program provides all of the support users need to extend the life of their plant’s wireless system. Honeywell's approach keeps users' wireless assets in top working condition while allowing them to upgrade their wireless systems on an ongoing basis to maximize performance and reliability.

​OneWireless Management Services encompass:

  • Skilled labor for preventive/corrective maintenance (remote or on-site), including scheduled calls and allowances for unscheduled support with optional guaranteed availability

  • Parts management, including optional parts replacement (extended warranty) and parts holding (on-site or bonded) with guaranteed availability and unlimited usage

  • Complete software support, including optional updates and upgrades to multi-nodes and servers offered through Honeywell’s Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP).

​Honeywell’s OneWireless Services Program, which includes consulting, design, installation, commissioning and management, was specifically designed to protect users' wireless technology investments. Management Services provide skilled maintenance services, technical assistance, upgrades, and spare parts — when and where users need them — in order to enhance the value of their wireless infrastructure. With these services, users can focus on improving their business instead of dedicating time and resources to managing wireless technology.

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