Step 1: Site Assessment

Step 1: Site Assessment

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​Honeywell’s OneWireless™ experts combine their knowledge of radio frequency (RF) fundamentals and wireless networks with their experience in process control networks and industrial cyber security to provide the most reliable, secure and high-performance wireless network to users.

​Honeywell’s OneWireless engineering assessment is the process of planning and designing a wireless network for a specific site that will deliver a pre-determined performance level, area coverage, capacity and quality of service. On-site RF survey determines possible interference, actual coverage area, and the amount of equipment needed to achieve the desired functionality.

The assessment also includes a review of existing wired or wireless environments to determine their suitability to support or coexist with the proposed wireless network.

Honeywell’s comprehensive approach to creating a OneWireless system and network design includes an on-site study of the coverage area, existing power and network infrastructure and the goals for the implementation (both immediate and future). A detailed assessment report also identifies existing sources of possible interference, proposed equipment type, device locations, expected coverage areas, and surveyed signal strength. Honeywell experts help design a robust security plan that includes:

  • Documentation of security requirements

  • Identification of network security threats

  • Review of existing security practices, procedures and safeguards

  • Identification of the causes of any potential security exposures.

​Simply placing wireless devices in the field without proper evaluation of the RF environment rarely works. Many times, correcting the issue requires additional hardware that was initially not budgeted for. It is also difficult to optimally improve network usage without proper planning. Creating a reliable and secure wireless network requires a combination of the right equipment and the right design – it all starts with an RF engineering assessment.

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