Step 2: System & Network Design

Step 2: System & Network Design

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​Honeywell’s OneWireless™ design and implementation team is available on a project basis to help address new or expanded wireless needs. The team conducts an on-site review to confirm user needs, analyze the existing radio frequency (RF) spectrum and determine appropriate node locations and mounting practices.

​Honeywell’s comprehensive support program and project services ensure that users' wireless infrastructure operates at the highest level of performance. OneWireless network design experts combine their knowledge of RF fundamentals and signal propagation with experience in process control systems, network security and advanced applications to help users design a high-performance, robust wireless network.

Honeywell’s approach to creating a wireless system and network design includes an on-site study of the coverage area desired at the plant, existing power and network infrastructure, and the goals for implementation (both immediate and future) as well as a thorough assessment of interfering and operating frequencies currently in use or ambient in the environment. Honeywell experts ensure robust security through:

  • Documentation of security requirements

  • Identification of network security threats

  • Review of existing security practices, procedures and safeguards

  • Identification of the causes of any potential security exposures.

A detailed report, complete with an installation guide and bill of materials is provided. Honeywell optionally provides full installation services.

​Simply placing wireless devices in the field may initially work, but the design must be robust enough to sustain long-term benefits. Employing advanced tools and proven know-how, Honeywell’s wireless design specialists can optimize wireless system performance and reliability by predicting and mitigating interference among systems or within a shared geographical area. OneWireless experts also perform in-depth analyses that maximize decision-makers’ investment in wireless infrastructure.

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