OneWireless Services

OneWireless Services

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​Most users can easily install a small field instrument meshing system on their own. For larger multi-application wireless networks, Honeywell offers a turnkey solution that ensures optimization at every step of installing and operating a wireless network. Starting with site assessment services, the turnkey solution covers wireless network design, implementation and management services. OneWireless Services draw on Honeywell’s wireless expertise, sophisticated tools and engineering practices to deliver high-performance, robust and secure wireless networks.

Step 1: Site Assessment
Honeywell’s OneWireless™ Site Assessment services involve planning and designing a wireless network for a specific site that will deliver a pre-determined performance level, area coverage, capacity and quality of service.
Step 2: System & Network Design
OneWireless system and network design services cover an assessment of the coverage area, existing power and network infrastructures, goals for implementation and interfering and operating frequencies currently in use or ambient in the environment.
Step 3: Management Services for Wireless Networks
Honeywell's OneWireless service experts can manage users' wireless infrastructure and ensure that their system is running at optimal efficiency at all times. These services help maintain system stability and availability at the highest possible levels.

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