Headbox Optimization

Headbox Optimization

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​To enhance the performance of a paper machine, it is important to minimize the number of rejected and de-valued products. Such losses are the result of limited mechanical control of the headbox. Honeywell’s professional headbox optimization services address these issues and guarantee instant results and returns.

​Headbox Optimization includes a range of services aimed at improving the performance of the Headbox. It can be customized to match the requirements of any headbox, regardless of its manufacturer. The services include complete CD actuator system installation, control component overhaul/rebuilds, optimization of headbox frontal control mechanics, optical and mechanical audits, apron improvements and customer training. The service improves the functioning of headbox components, enhances the performance of paper machines and ensures a smooth and optimal paper manufacturing process leading to loss reduction and process efficiency. In addition, it improves the apron, headbox frontal area, and reduces process variation. It also helps build an advanced troubleshooting system for future reference.

​Headbox optimization solutions ensure the papermaking process gets off to the best possible start. It ensures proper cleaning, setup and adjustment of all components of the headbox such as actuator, slice lip and apron, enabling a significant reduction in profile variation. It uses thermal improvement of the apron, using a combination of heat and cold water, to improve the apron and takes care of any mechanical issue that it faces. This allows the apron to retain its shape, reducing the degree of variation and ensuring proper stock formation. Additionally, more accurate plots from optical surveys help build a more reliable historical database for use in troubleshooting and "best practices”.

​Replacing any part of a Headbox and the downtime suffered during this process, increases costs for an operator and impacts production. Headbox Optimization services improve its components and return them to their required specification, reducing costs for manufacturers. These services also reduce variation, which -coupled with greater uniformity in drying - improves production efficiency by one percent or more.

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Smurfit-Stone Combines Experion and Da Vinci QCS to Optimize OperationsSmurfit-Stone Container Corporation (SSCC) worked with Honeywell to perform an analysis and establish potential benefits from replacing the Brewton, Alabama mill’s obsolete scanning system.166.9 KB10 Jan 2007
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