Profile Optimization Services

Profile Optimization Services

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​For small control zones, CD control tuning can be tedious and inaccurate. Honeywell’s Profile Optimization Services, with its proprietary IntelliMap tuning and characterization tool, simplify the process, improving accuracy and overall production performance.

Profile Optimization Services combine the power of Honeywell’s trained technical professionals and proprietary IntelliMap tools to optimize production and improve product quality. The services can be tailored to suit user needs for optimized processes and production performance. Aimed at improving long-term asset management, these services combine the benefits of a broad service contract with the confidence of coverage for the life of the system. They also help users maximize returns on their most significant investment, human capital.​

​IntelliMap is connected to the target Quality Control System (QCS) to determine CD time and spatial response and to identify all tuning parameters. This helps in accurate CD control under narrow control zones. In addition, Honeywell technical experts help identify potential actuator and/or transmitter problems and issues involving CD control design or procedural issues and then determine what actions are necessary to correct them. The profile optimization services can be customized for user's with and without service contracts for basic maintenance. It also offers them the opportunity to educate and train their employees and enhance their skills to improve production performance. Following the implementation of the solution, results are presented to user's in a formal report describing actions, results and recommendations.      

With Profile Optimization, user's see significant improvements in product quality, making every ton count, maximizing margin and facilitating long-term asset management. In addition, cost reduction in roll structure improvements and reductions in downgraded product are realized through implementation of these services.
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