Process Design

Process Design

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Honeywell’s Process Design solution helps determine the workflow, equipment needs and implementation requirements for a particular process. At the core of the solution is the UniSim® Design Suite software that provides users with an intuitive and interactive process modeling package. The Process Design solution brings together all field components and parameters to minimize design issues, reduce engineering costs and optimize equipment operation.

With the Process Design solution, users can:

  • Reduce engineering costs as it provides a common environment to manage consistent use of data and models.

  • Mitigate risks associated with project execution and reduce feedstock waste (or rework), resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

  • Save 95% of an engineer’s time with the easy-to-maintain optimization solution.


Process Design - Products 

    • UniSim Design Suite -- UniSim Design Suite is a powerful process modeling software that provides steady state and dynamic process simulation in an integrated environment.
    • UniSim Engineering Studies -- UniSim Engineering Studies are carried out during the design stage to help process engineers optimize equipment design before users make large capital investments and start operations.
    • UniSim Optimization Suite -- UniSim Optimization Suite combines Profit Suite, Honeywell’s comprehensive advanced control and optimization technology, with UniSim Design models to optimize plant operation.
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