Process History and Analytics

Process History and Analytics

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​Honeywell’s Process History and Analytics solution helps users collect, store and replay historical and continuous plant data, understand process performance through superior workflow and access graphical key performance indicators (KPIs). It enhances process performance to reduce the total cost of ownership.

With the Process History and Analytics solution, businesses can:

  • Enjoy higher data security and reliability along with a lower total cost of ownership

  • Enhance engineering efficiency as engineers can make sense of process data faster and easier

  • Improve productivity, business agility and workflow by enabling fast access to accurate KPI data.

Honeywell’s Process History and Analytics solution provides the following features:

  • Supports integration of existing Honeywell and third-party control systems and applications across multiple plants and sites. USM provides configuration and monitoring of this complete environment from a single interface

  • Enables engineers to analyze process performance by enabling trending tags and setting times through easy-to-use drag-and-drop options

  • Provides a web-based dashboard which enables effective process KPI monitoring by combining alert icons, traffic lights, trends, progress bars, and gauges.

 Process History and Analytics - Products 

    • Advanced Formula Manager -- Advanced Formula Manager provides a rich, high-performance engineering calculation capability for Honeywell’s Uniformance Process History Database (PHD).
    • Operational Insight -- Operational Insight is a web-based dashboard that provides stakeholders with the information they need, when they need it and in the format they require.
    • Uniformance Asset Sentinel -- Uniformance Asset Sentinel continuously monitors equipment and process health, enabling industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor operational performance.
    • Uniformance Process History Database -- Uniformance Process History Database (PHD) collects, stores and replays historical and continuous plant process data to improve data security, efficiency and business performance.
    • Uniformance Process Studio -- Uniformance Process Studio is Honeywell’s desktop that provides a rich set of applications for viewing and analyzing historical process performance.
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