Alarm Management

Alarm Management

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Honeywell's DynAMo™ alarm management software family consolidates best-in-class technology from Matrikon, acquired in 2010, and Honeywell. It enables process plants to develop and implement an effective alarm strategy that is aligned with industry-recognized guidelines and standards such as API, EEMUA, ISA and NAMUR. In addition, It empowers operators to detect and avoid abnormal situations and helps enterprises improve safety, maintain production uptime and increase profitability.

It is particularly suited for application in oil and gas, metals, mining and minerals, chemicals, refining/petrochemicals, and pulp and paper industries​. With the advanced alarm management features of DynAMo software family, users are able to:

  • Reduce alarm flooding through near real-time alerts and notifications for conditions when process data is outside of limits.

  • Keep their processes safe and profitable with a distributed control system (DCS)-independent software for creating and maintaining a master alarm database.

  • Improve alarm system performance and regulatory compliance with a vendor-independent metrics and reporting software.

Honeywell's alarm management portfolio leverages over 20 years of alarm management experience to offer users a host of operational benefits:

  • Faster recovery from abnormal situations

  • Analyze health of the alarm system at a glance through customizable, role-based dashboard

  • View alarm metrics anytime, anywhere on mobile device-compatible dashboard

  • Reduction in overall and nuisance alarms by >50%

  • Dramatic reduction in probability of operating incidents

  • Meet rigorous compliance requirements.

Alarm Management - Products 
  • DynAMo Alerts and Notifications: Reduces the load on an operator by automatically monitoring process conditions and providing early automatic notification of events​.

  • DynAMo​ Documentation and Enforcement: A master alarm database that helps users engineer an alarm system to meet the site’s alarm management policies to safeguard processes as well as the plant.

  • DynAMo Metrics and Reporting​: A system independent software that collects and stores all alarm and event data, monitors alarm system performance, and diagnoses alarm problems via intuitive reports.

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