Blending and Movement Management

Blending and Movement Management

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Honeywell’s Blending and Movement Management solution delivers complete planning, execution, and performance monitoring of off-sites blending and movement operations. At the core of this solution are:

  • Blending applications that plan, control, optimize and monitor in-line and batch blending operations; and

  • Movement management applications that enable operations staff to accept, create, and validate material movement plans, and control and track movements and inventories.


The solution enables users to:

  • Reduce blend turnaround time and property giveaway, acquiring online blend quality analysis and homogeneous quality in finished tank

  • Improve inventory reconciliation, minimize material downgrades, eliminate data entry, and reduce losses from tank farm incidents

  • Increase the effectiveness of operations personnel, thereby reducing incidents

  • Optimize the formulation of blend components.

The Blending and Movement Management solution offers the following features:

  • Helps to manage, monitor and control the equipment around the blend header

  • Automatically collects and calculates each tank’s status and activity information. It provides a single window for the operator to access all tank data

  • Defines all related components of off-site facilities, including pumps, pipes, valves, shipping and receiving points

  • Manages material movement and direct equipment control

  • Blends fuels to the required product quality specifications while optimizing the formulation of blend components.


 Honeywell Blending and Movement Management Products

    • Blend Performance Monitor -- Honeywell’s Blend Performance Monitor application provides an integrated information environment that supports the collection, storage and analysis of finished product blending information.
    • Experion Tank Monitor -- Experion Tank Monitor is Honeywell’s standalone tank monitoring solution for oil refineries, tank farms and terminals. It enables operations personnel to collect, validate and manage accurate information on the status of storage tanks.
    • Profit Blend Controller -- Honeywell’s Profit Blend Controller (PBC) is used to control in-line blending of materials and ensure that components are blended in accordance with blend recipe specifications.
    • Profit Blend Optimizer -- Honeywell’s Profit Blend Optimizer is used by refinery operations personnel for online blend reformulation and optimization.
    • Profit Inventory Monitor -- Profit Inventory Monitor enables operations personnel to collect, validate and manage accurate information on the status and contents of storage tanks and forms the foundation of Honeywell’s Profit Blending and Movement solution.
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