Corrosion Prediction, Monitoring and Modeling

Corrosion Prediction, Monitoring and Modeling

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Honeywell’s Corrosion Prediction, Monitoring and Modeling solutions support accurate, quantifiable corrosion prediction and material selection decisions. It comprises software that combine extensive laboratory data from Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) with state-of-the-art phase behavior modeling and multiphase flow technology. Corrosion solutions also include the SmartCET patented corrosion transmitter that enables plant operators to access online, real-time corrosion information.

Honeywell’s corrosion prediction, monitoring and modeling solution helps users:

  • Prevent and mitigate corrosion failure

  • Benefit from enhanced operational safety

  • Improve process efficiency through utilization of appropriate materials of construction. 

​The Corrosion Prediction, Monitoring and Modeling family encapsulates inferences, experimental results, and research data from Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) sponsored by leading refining and engineering companies. These programs integrate numerical or mathematical modeling with unique data to generate corrosion predictions. The models utilize common operational parameters such as corrosive species, pressure and temperature, and utilize phase behavior/thermodynamic models to fundamentally correlate corrosion parameters to corrosion rates. These systems also deploy complex multiphase flow models and flow regime maps to characterize the effect of wall shear stress and fluid forces.


 Honeywell Corrosion Prediction, Monitoring and Modeling Products

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