Operations Management

Operations Management

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Honeywell’s Operations Management family support site work processes related to managing planning targets, standard operating limits, and monitoring those targets and limits. The software family thus enables production facilities to achieve their operational excellence goals, including improved safety, increased efficiency and operating within limits. Research by the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium has shown that equipment failure is largely caused by operating outside of design limits. Operations Management software family helps users avoid abnormal situations by:

  • automating the communication of operating plan to reduce errors and increase profitability

  • keeping track of daily operations, and ensuring the incoming shift staff fully understands the state of operations

  • early identification of problems to deliver improved reliability and operating efficiency.

Honeywell’s Operations Management offerings include software applications that coordinate and communicate targets limits, deviations from those limits and shift reports that summarize the actions taken during the shift. The product family also includes a software suite that combines these products with alarm management tools to enable truly comprehensive limit management.


Operations Management - Products 

    • Operations Logbook -- This software application keeps a precise record of what actually occurred on shift which helps users run their process plants more effectively, reduce errors, and improve their performance.
    • Operations Monitoring -- Honeywell’s Operations Monitoring helps users track operating performance against targets and highlights problem areas.
    • Operating Instructions -- Honeywell’s Operating Instructions software helps users establish and manage the daily operating plan so that production plans can be safely, reliably and efficiently executed.
    • OM Pro -- OM Pro suite helps users manage plant-wide boundaries and constraints by setting boundaries, systematic monitoring, setting planning targets, managing and enforcing alarm limits, and handling alerts as well as analysis tools.
    • DynAMo Operations Logbook -- DynAMo Operations Logbook consolidates information from different sources automatically to provide a consistent and up-to-date view of key process data, problems, operating plans and the shift log.
    • DynAMo Operations Monitoring​ -- DynAMo Operations Monitoring systematically monitors critical plant limits and integrity operating windows, summarizing deviations from production envelopes defined by users.
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