Operator Competency

Operator Competency

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Evolving technologies in the process industry require operators to be prepared to handle unforeseen situations in the plant. Stringent regulations to maintain safe and environmentally compliant operations further add to the challenge. Honeywell’s Operator Competency solution aids operators’ understanding and control of current plant operating conditions to help businesses achieve optimum performance. The solution helps teams visualize and assess the operational readiness of plant assets long before they are applied in real-time production scenarios. It comprises the UniSim® Operations Suite, which is based on proven technology and more than 25 years of experience supplying process simulation tools to the process industry. Users benefit from safe and reliable operations and are able to ensure knowledge transfer to the next generation of operators.

Operator Competency solution helps users in:

  • Procedure Development & Assessment: Users can operate the process many times to capture and optimize procedures under normal and abnormal situations, months before actual startup.

  • Control Strategy Assessment: Using dynamic simulation, the project team can tune controllers, confirm interlocks and safety system, optimize alarm configuration, and stabilize control implementation long before it is commissioned.

  • Comprehensive Training Programs: These not only prepare operators for an effective startup but also help maintain production by aiding the recognition and avoidance of incidents.

  • Scenario Assessment: Users can utilize existing plant data to capture actual incidents for incident assessment, remedial training and sharing experiences.

  • Online Performance Monitoring: Introducing the simulator to the control room through an online link provides a decision-support tool to assist operators in early event detection.


 Operator Competency - Products 

    • UniSim Competency Suite​ -- UniSim Competency Suite enables industrial companies to plan, deploy and manage a structured program for operator competency. 

    • UniSim Curriculum: Customizable framework for a structured operator competency management program to ensure trainees demonstrate and perfect critical skills and behaviors.

    • UniSim Operations: Dynamic plant operator training simulation system that accelerates knowledge transfer by consolidating a range of typical and emergency training experiences into a concise curriculum.

    • UniSim Tutor: Knowledge capture and propagation tool that provides a repository for domain knowledge and experiences to teach and evaluate 'what if' reflexes and diagnostic abilities for improved decision-making.

    • UniSim Field View: An interactive, navigable, panoramic 2D field operator training environment that is based on high-resolution photographs of the facility and fully integrated with UniSim Operations training simulator.

    • UniSim 3D Connect​: Interface technology and tools to provide UniSim Operations training simulator connectivity and integration to 3D immersive virtual field operator training and visualization environments.

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