Process Optimization

Process Optimization

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Honeywell’s Process Optimization solution address all aspects of advanced process control (APC) and optimization from improving regulatory loop control to globally optimizing the entire process. Delivered through the unified Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) architecture, it improves profitability by increasing throughput, reducing costs, increasing yields and improving product quality.

Process Optimization solution helps users:

  • Optimize process performance and efficiency

  • Protect plant uptime and safety by reducing losses caused by control performance 

  • Improve profitability by increasing production and decreasing costs

  • Increase yields and enhance product quality.

Honeywell’s Process Optimization solution includes:

  • Control Performance Solution that enables condition-based monitoring and maintenance of control assets, and easy implementation of multivariable control and optimization strategies.

  • Modeling and Maintenance Solution that helps drive performance and maintenance of APC applications as well as provides data analysis and regression capabilities.

  • Real-Time Optimization Solution for multi-unit and plant-wide dynamic optimization.

The Process Optimization solution uses a unique layered approach to advanced control and optimization. This model allows new technologies to be easily added at any time to a common platform that meets optimization objectives without compromising on future opportunities to improve business performance. The solution also integrates performance monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for accessing, presenting and analyzing performance data associated with control and optimization applications.

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