Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

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From desalination to industrial water treatment & waste water treatment, from pumping to distribution and leakage management, Honeywell’s innovative solutions help with optimized operations for the Water & Wastewater industry while meeting plant data integrity and security objectives. 

Some of the water control applications where Honeywell has a deep expertise: 

• Activated Sludge Systems
• Aerated Lagoon
• Anaerobic Digestion
• Bio Filter
• Bio Reactor
• Dissolved Air Flotation
• Clarifier
• Sand Filter
• Screen Filter
• Lamella Clarifier
• Membrane Systems
• Sequence Batch Reactors
• Dewatering (Presses & Centrifuges)
• Reverse Osmosis
• Ultrafiltration / Nanofiltration
• Trickling Filter
• Influent Pump Stations
• Effluent Pump Stations
• Lift Stations
• Leak Detection
• Desalination
​​​Honeywell’s offering portfolio dedicated to Water Industry include: 

These solutions allow users to make faster and smarter decisions to improve safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

From installation and commissioning to start-up and ongoing operations, Total Care Remote Services for Modular Control Systems has you covered with timely and expert support. Factory trained and experienced Remote Service engineers provide technical support, prompt answers to questions regarding procedures, documentation, operation, service, training and system enhancements. Remote Service also includes a review of operational procedures, software analysis, and diagnostic evaluations when required.


Total Care Remote Service offer both Standard and Enhanced licenses that help customers to maximize their investments in automation systems. For more information check the brochure.


Smart metering solutions provide Cloud-based software that is available with a web-portal interface to give customer’s access to meter readings through a software as a service (SaaS) approach.

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