Efficiency Solutions for Biodiesel Manufacturing

Efficiency Solutions for Biodiesel Manufacturing

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As prices of feedstocks rise, existing process owners try to reduce costs as much as possible to stay competitive. Process economics are extremely challenging since margins are tight and dependent upon subsidies.

Simultaneously, second generation technology companies struggle to scale up and implement new processes to provide competitive technologies to the market. Key business pressures include:

  • Increasing process yield

  • Decreasing energy consumption

  • Reducing water use

  • Adapting to feedstock variations

  • Preventing product giveaway during custody transfer

Honeywell’s Efficiency solutions help reduce operational expenses and maximize process conversions to ensure high yield. Plants can increase production by 5-10%, reduce product giveaway up to $1M per year and decrease energy use by 1-3%.

​Honeywell’s Advanced Application products help to increase throughput of a plant, increase yields of the most valuable products and lower cost of production with existing capital resources, while also increasing effective capacity by enabling the unit to consistently push against multiple operating constraints.

Honeywell’s extensive portfolio of solutions ensures improvement in operational effectiveness. These include the Unisim Design Suite to design the process unit better, UniSim® Operations Suite to help train and develop operators and Procedural Operations which help capture knowledge gained by operators over years of performing cyclic procedures that would otherwise be lost during workforce transitions.  

Honeywell’s solutions can also track and report multiple sources of energy usage information against targets, so a single energy management program can be implemented.


 Honeywell Efficiency Solutions for Biodiesel Manufacturing Products

    • Procedural Operations -- Honeywell’s Procedural Operations helps users automate and manage operating procedures effectively for high agility, safety, reliability and efficiency.

To complement its market-leading Advanced Solutions applications, Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to optimize application performance and efficiency in all phases of the automation lifecycle.

Honeywell aligns the plant’s service strategy with its business strategy. The company has developed a modular service framework that can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant and help achieve its long term objectives.

The company’s services typically help plant managers to:

  • Maintain and execute day-to-day tasks

  • Support systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical resources, hardware and software upgrades

  • Optimize the performance, capacity and availability of applications

  • Change applications to adapt to technology changes, process changes and shifts in business conditions

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted to take advantage of new capabilities.

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